Live More Sustainably With These 7 Green Practices

Live More Sustainably With These 7 Green Practices

With a greater emphasis on a sustainable and greener lifestyle in 2021, we’ve all come to realize the importance of adopting these practices ourselves. Living sustainably means utilizing lesser resources than you usually would in order to prevent the resources of our planet from exhausting. We need to keep in mind that this is the only planet we’ve got and our future generations are going to be living here as well.

This is why the world is gradually shifting towards a more sustainable lifestyle and you should do that too. In this article, we’re going to look at seven ways in which you can shift to the green team and make a difference with the choices you make. So let’s get to it and find out the practices that you need to implement in order to live more sustainably.

1. Save Electricity

Saving electricity is one of the fundamental tenets of a green lifestyle. If you waste electricity by keeping your appliances turned on, even when you’re not using them, you’re causing unnecessary damage to the environment. You can try switching off any unused appliances, using cooling and heating systems only when necessary, and even hanging your clothes to dry instead of using a dryer. These little practices can add up over time and you’ll be saving a lot of electricity in the long run.

2. Save Water

Even though our planet is abundant with water in the oceans, there is very little freshwater available for human consumption. If you could conserve this precious resource more judiciously then you’ll be doing the entire planet a huge favor. Try to minimize wastage of water by turning the tap off while you brush your teeth, using a bucket of water to take a bath instead of a shower, stopping the use of bathtubs, and installing water-efficient toilets. You can also try to save water utilized outdoors by watering the plants only when necessary and utilizing the species that are better suited to your climate.

3. Reducing Meat Consumption

The meat industry causes a significant amount of pollution in the form of carbon emissions. The amount of carbon emitted to raise and feed cattle just so that it can enhance your taste palette can be huge. If you just reduce your meat consumption a little, you can significantly lower the carbon emissions. It’ll also help prevent animal cruelty so that’s a win too.

4. Sustainable Fashion

No wonder that sustainability has found its way into the fashion industry as well, as it was only a matter of time, considering the importance of clothing and accessories in our lives. The newer clothes are usually manufactured by eco-friendly processes that require less energy to manufacture. Even the raw materials used to make clothes are increasingly getting more environmentally friendly as well. The use of jute, cotton, and other natural fibers has increased, as pointed out at, this means that synthetic fibers like terylene, polyester, and others shouldn’t be used anymore. This move in the fashion industry towards a greener world can only be supported by us if we choose to embrace it as well.

5. Use Renewable Energy

At one point in time, solar energy and other renewable energy sources were quite expensive to harness and the output was abysmal. However, the situation is slowly changing and solar power is leading the way. In recent years, solar panels and solar batteries have become cheaper and more efficient to use. So adopting solar will not only save your money but it’ll save your planet as well.

6. Don’t Dispose

The single-use products that were just used once and then disposed of, used to be in high demand in the past. However, we have become more aware that these products are bad and should be avoided at all costs. Try to use products that last longer so that the impact on the environment is low.

7. Use Alternatives

There have been many new innovations to replace the old things that we used and unknowingly harmed the planet. Paper straws, metal straws, jute bags, and plastic-free packaging are a few examples. Everyone should change to alternatives that are greener and can help save the environment.

In addition to finding alternatives, consider buying used stuff instead of getting brand-new items. Look for quality refurbished computers and gadgets if you’re planning to buy. Get secondhand furniture that is still in good condition. When you buy used items, you’re maximizing their potential and keeping them out of landfills until the end of their lifespans.

These are some of the easy ways you can minimize the damage that you cause to the environment. This is not an option but a duty for all of us who are utilizing the planet’s resources to make our lives easier. It’s our duty to make sure that our successors inherit a world that’s livable or else we’ll have failed not only our future generations but our planet as well.


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