A Review Of Vinyl Click Flooring

A Review Of Vinyl Click Flooring

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A highly popular choice for use in commercial spaces, cafes, offices, and in residential spaces also, vinyl click flooring comes with lots of benefits, such as it being completely waterproof. However, just like anything, there are also some downsides to using it, which of course need to be considered prior to deciding on whether it is the right choice for your particular space. 

To help you make a decision, we have put together a brief list of the various pros and cons that vinyl click flooring has.


  • The flooring is completely resistant to moisture and so is perfect to use in those spaces where it could potentially get wet, like a bathroom / wet room, a kitchen, or a utility space.
  • Because it is so durable, it can be used in those spaces where it is going to get lots of wear and tear, such as a commercial space.
  • It has antistatic properties, meaning that a charge will not build up whilst you are on it and you will not receive a shock as a result.
  • No matter if you have a granite, cement, floorboard, laminate, or tile surface, vinyl click flooring can be laid directly on top of it.
  • The installation process is a quick and easy one, which requires very little in the way of specialist tools or equipment in order to do it.
  • It comes in a range of different styles, colours, and finishes to suit any aesthetic or look that you are trying to achieve.
  • Very little in the way of maintenance and cleaning is required in order to keep the flooring in good condition.
  • With there being such a diverse range of flooring options, it means that you will find one that meets your budget, no matter how big or small that may be.


  • Once glued down into place, it is then very difficult to pull back up should you ever need to do that.
  • Where a sharp object comes into contact with it, it can cause it to puncture and become no suitable for use.
  • If it has a heavy object sitting on it for a long period of time, it has the tendency to become dented.
  • The flooring is not biodegradable and so is not friendly to the environment. Upon disposal, it will make its way into a landfill site.
  • Over time and when exposed to high amounts of UV rays, the colouring can either discolour or fade all together. 

It is clear to see then that there are many benefits to using vinyl click flooring in your commercial or residential space and that these easily outweigh any negatives or downsides that there may be from using this type of flooring. 

If after reading these pros and cons you have come to the decision that vinyl click flooring is the right choice for your space, then head over to flooring Stirling, where you can browse their full range of vinyl click flooring. There are options there to suit all budgets, so do not worry about price.


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