Top Green Techniques to Implement in Your Home

Top Green Techniques to Implement in Your Home

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Climate change and global warming are not new concepts. Every media outlet, social media site, and institution is conversing on the grappling effects of both. Countries are experiencing devastating consequences due to climate change.

In households, climate change also has a profound impact due to low crop production during harvesting season. In addition, increased numbers of pests and diseases and unpredictable rainfall patterns have led to a transformation in the usual way of life.

Human activity is the top reason behind the growing concern that is climate change. The onset of industrialization led to significant impacts on the environment. In addition, improper waste management practices have largely contributed to the degraded state of the environment.

While large corporations continue to emit toxic gases in the air, policies and strategies are being introduced to counter this impact. For example, the extended producer responsibility program puts big companies accountable for the amount of waste they emit.

As a household owner, you are also equally accountable for your waste and impact on the environment. Managing your carbon footprint is essential in contributing to the global efforts to counter climate change.

One area you can start is with your home. A few additions in your home can help conserve energy, protect the environment, and most importantly, save you costs. Here are a few techniques you can implement in your home:

Solar Power Energy

Solar energy has been in existence since the ’70s. Solar power will save you considerable costs in utility and also protect the environment. It is one of the most common renewable sources of energy adopted by homes, institutions and businesses.

Companies are devising new ways of integrating solar panels in homes. You no longer have to mount them on your roof if you are worried about your home’s structural construct being affected.Solar roof tiles are an efficient way of achieving maximum solar panel cover on your roof.

It is essential to contract an expert to understand the amount of energy your home needs.

Geothermal Heat Pump

One way your home consumes much energy is through maintaining a constant temperature in the house. With an HVAC system in place, your unit operates by drawing air and regulating it to the required temperature.

Heating cold air or cooling hot air consumes a high amount of energy compared to a geothermal pump. A geothermal pump uses the same approach as an HVAC unit; however, the underground temperatures are more stable than above ground.

Installing a geothermal pump can be quite costly as a start; however, the returns are rewarding. You get to save immensely on your utility costs and also reduce your carbon footprint.

Specialty Windows

Windows play a vital role in controlling the air temperature of your home. A window that does not seal properly can result in energy losses for your home translating to high utility bills. According to research, approximately 25-30% of heat in a home is lost through its windows.

Windows can also improve your home’s natural lighting. With custom window shapes and sizes, you can achieve maximum natural lighting for your home.

Programmable Thermostat

A significant way to cut down on energy use is through a programmable thermostat. With such a thermostat, you can control your home’s temperature in your absence. Unfortunately, it is pretty common to leave your house without turning off the AC.

A programmable thermostat works with the concept of scheduling. You only need to input on when you require the temperatures to be adjusted. As a result, you get to save on your heating and cooling bills significantly.

Energy Star Rated Appliances

Appliances in your home could be the reason behind your increase in energy consumption. An Energy Star is a rating that classifies appliances according to the energy they consume. For an appliance to receive an energy star rating, it needs to be more efficient and save energy compared to generic brands.

For instance, a refrigerator with an energy star rating consumes 20% less energy compared to other refrigerators in the market.

Solar Water Heater

Typical heating systems in your home use natural gas or electricity to power. The more you use the heaters, the higher the energy you consume. For example, you use the sun’s energy to heat water in your home with a solar water heater.

With an insulated tank, you can store the water and maintain its temperature until you are ready to use it.

Finally, it is essential to note that implementation of these techniques might be expensive. You can implement either of the strategies in phases or research on financing options available. Once you have the system running, you can say bye to highly-priced utility bills.


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