4 Tactics to Make Your Windows More Energy Efficient

4 Tactics to Make Your Windows More Energy Efficient

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If we’re talking about green living and finding tactics to make your home more energy-efficient, look no further than your windows. You’ll have plenty of these around the home, and they play a huge role in determining how efficient your house is

For starters, energy-efficient windows will ensure that less energy is used to heat your home. More heat will be trapped inside, meaning you don’t need to turn the heating on for too long or at too high of a temperature in the winter. Similarly, they help regulate the temperature in the hotter months, keeping your home cool enough to avoid blasting the AC all day every day. 

Unfortunately, not all windows are as efficient as they should be. Keeping that in mind, here are a few tactics you can use to make your windows more energy-efficient:

Fill gaps between the glass and frame with caulk

It’s very easy to get your hands on some caulk products that will help you seal any gaps in your windows. What tends to happen is, as a window gets older, the seal between the glass and frame will start to break down. You may notice this already, with small gaps appearing. These gaps are ways for heat to leave your home and cold air to come in. While this isn’t a big issue in the summer, it will be bad come winter. 

Consequently, fill any gaps with some caulk as a long-lasting solution to the problem. You’re literally plugging up any holes, keeping heat trapped inside your home for as long as possible. No energy leaks mean you can afford to turn down the heating system as your home basically keeps itself warm and insulated. 

Replace your old windows

The above tip works if your windows are relatively new and have just started deteriorating. To be honest, it’s a good tactic to try as it is inexpensive and might work. If it doesn’t work, and your windows are too far gone, you can opt for window replacements instead. 

This is a smart idea as you can remove old windows and place modern ones there instead. As it says on fredericksburgwindow.com, you can get energy-efficient frames and glasses that work together to block out the elements and keep your family comfortable all year long. Essentially, you will get sturdier frames that won’t deteriorate quickly, along with thicker glass panes that keep heat inside your home. 

Add drapes to your windows

Adding drapes to your windows is a clever move that will enhance their energy efficiency throughout the colder months. With drapes, you have an extra layer of protection between the outside world and your home. The heat that’s generated from your home will come into contact with the drapes, and it will be absorbed, rather than going through the window outside. Likewise, any drafts from outside will be blocked by the drapes. 

As you can already tell, this is a recipe for a very well insulated property. The less heat that escapes your home, the better. Your winters will be cozy without the need to constantly keep the heating on for hours on end. 

Open the windows during the hot months

Yes, opening your windows can make them so much more energy-efficient. In the hot months, there’s no reason not to have your windows open as soon as you wake up. In fact, you could even leave them open overnight if you wanted. It lets cool air enter your home, dropping the interior temperature. Therefore, you don’t need to turn your aircon on all the time. This can save so much energy in your home, and it’s all thanks to the windows being open. 

A couple of points to consider with this tactic. Firstly, you might want to invest in window netting to keep any bugs from flying into your home when the windows are open. Secondly, if you are replacing your windows, it’s worth picking options that let you open them nice and wide to allow as much air in as possible. This will allow for maximum energy efficiency!

In summary, your windows are so important if you want to live a greener life at home. Pay attention to them as they can be a key player in the aim to achieve energy efficiency in the home. Yes, other tactics exist, but by sorting out your windows you can use less energy in both the cold winter months and the hot summer ones. If your energy bill won’t decrease, try these ideas to see a difference. 


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