Is a Bond Clean Worth the Expense?

Is a Bond Clean Worth the Expense?

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Bond cleaners being hired by leaving tenants is a booming industry that has seen growth in the last few years. We’ve all been there, signing the dotted line to finalize our time at a rental apartment and then scrambling to find someone who can deep-clean before moving out. 

For those who lack the energy to do it themselves or simply have other priorities, end of lease cleans are a godsend.

But what about the cost? Contrary to popular belief, bond cleans won’t break the bank as several factors will determine your final quote. Below we’ll discuss these factors to help you decide on whether hiring a professional is right for you.

How Much For a Bond Clean in Australia?

Depending on the size of your property, you’ll be quoted anywhere from $340 to $600. However, your property’s condition will alter this average drastically, as a deep clean may be required before you can move out. Simply put, the more time spent cleaning and tidying up (which is necessary for an end of lease clean), the higher the bond clean price goes. 

For example, if it takes longer than expected because of pet stains and hair, expect to pay extra charges to remove them.

Your Property’s Size

The first factor that affects your end of lease clean cost is the size and layout of your property. For example, a one-bedroom unit will be significantly cheaper than a four-bedroom home or apartment as cleaning more rooms equates to more cleaning time. 

The company’s experience in this area also plays an important role. They should know how much time it takes to clean such properties so their quote can accurately reflect the work needed on your particular case.


As we mentioned above, the condition of your property will have an impact on pricing – but more specifically, its level of dirtiness. You may think that hiring someone who specializes in deep cleaning means higher prices – but actually, there are additional charges if there are lots of pet hair or stains, which is common in any property with animals. 

One excellent piece of advice is to do a light clean-up yourself, like removing clothes and litter, allowing your cleaner to focus on tasks that require their expertise.To help maintain your property’s condition, it’s a great idea to do regular cleanings yourself. Essential cleaning supplies to do this aren’t particularly expensive, and can help maintain your apartment’s state for an easier clean up before you live. 

Where You Live

The location of your property will also affect the cost. If you live in a high-demand area, such as Sydney CBD or Melbourne’s Southbank (where demand for rental properties is always at its peak), then end of lease cleaners are more expensive.

For a studio unit with a balcony that’s seen better days, you can expect to pay $500 in Sydney. If you do an excellent job of maintaining the flat and live in a budget-friendly neighbourhood, expect to pay $350.

Services for property cleaning and maintenance depend on the size of a city. The more populated an area, the higher prices are likely to be for these services. For homebuyers looking at residential neighbourhoods that offer cheaper property cleaning services in general, Perth Broker offers mortgages and broking advice to help you purchase affordable homes. 

The Benefits of Bond Clean

Bond cleaners ensure that your deposit is returned at the end of your tenancy agreement. Although tenants aren’t legally obligated to use an end of lease cleaning company recommended by the landlord, proper maintenance is required for you to leave hassle-free.

Ensures You Get Your Bond Back

End of lease cleaners is all about getting you back your bond when the time comes. The best way to ensure that there’s no mess in the house or apartment is by hiring professionals with experience with such jobs.

However, it’s important to do a thorough inspection well in advance. Your condo may require a deep clean, which involves plenty of time and money – one more reason why booking at least two months before tenancy ends can save lots of stress later on!


A professional end of lease cleaning company will take care of everything so your move is as easy and stress-free as it can be.

Tenants who are moving out and don’t want to bring all the junk they have accumulated often store their things in storage facilities. This is particularly popular in the UK, with self storage in Brighton and London being popular areas. Regardless of where you decide to move your belongings, bond cleaners ease this transition. 

Save Money and Time on Cleaning Supplies

You’ll also save the hassle and cost of buying cleaning supplies and specialized equipment to do jobs that require special training. More-laborious tasks that are better left to the professionals include:

  • deep cleaning carpets
  • washing down the walls with a pressure washer
  • removing pet stains and hair from hard to reach areas, such as corners of the room or ceilings. 

You don’t need an end of lease cleaner for these tasks (although they can do it), but you might want one if you’re too busy packing or unpacking your things during moving time!

Our End of Lease Cleanings Worth the Expense?

Do end-of-lease cleaners save you stress or just cost more in the long run? The answer depends on who you ask. Some renters say this service is an absolute must because professional cleaners can do things that no amateur could dream up (like getting rid of pet hair). 

Others refuse to believe how much work such cleanings entail and would rather spend their free time doing it themselves than paying someone else to pack up all their hard work.

Regardless of the decision you make, it’s essential to know what your cleaning company will do for you and how much they charge – so that when the time comes to give back the keys, no surprises are waiting around the corner!


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