Renovate Your Basement – It’s Possible to Achieve

Renovate Your Basement – It’s Possible to Achieve

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The basement is a space which is generally cool. While it can be great for hot summer days, it is best to install insulation and supplement with a heat source for long winter evenings. It can actually be a space in the house that could actually be a valuable area. Whether that is for entertainment or to create a workspace, you can do. Lack of light may be a problem which is why you should consider a proper professional company to look at your basement. Basement renovations are very popular. You can look at a finished basement

Make some changes 

If you have the possibility, you can find alternative sources of natural light: if your basement is not completely underground you can use the natural light. If you have enough space on the upper floor, you can create a skylight or replace part of the floor with solid glass panels.

You also have the option of opting for an indirect light source. An opaque panel or opaque seedling can create a softer and more natural atmosphere while modernizing the whole space. 

The ideal for perimeter walls is to be embellished with good insulation in order to avoid humidity and heat loss. Regarding the interior treatment of walls and partitions, they should be treated like any other room in the house: plastered walls and then paints work best. To make the space more welcoming, opt for light shades which will enlarge the space, often with low ceilings and without natural light. 

Flooring options

As for the walls, the floor must be insulated too. You can also opt for the installation of a tile or a waxed concrete coating for example. Smooth surfaces are always easier to maintain unlike carpet, although the latter will combine comfort and warmth.  The atmosphere can totally change depending on the choice of floor you make. Also avoid multiplying materials. Tiled floors, wood facing walls, and all kinds of furniture make a very bad mix. Wood on the floor brings warmth to a room while a concrete coating provides a more raw and modern effect which can be quite interesting especially for large and bright spaces. 

Think of the staircase leading to the basement

To connect the basement to the rest of the house, you must utilise your staircase. Usually, the original staircase is narrow and steep, which can be dangerous. If you are setting up a living room in the basement, you should consider making the staircase more secure. This may involve modifying the floor between the two floors. Widening it and ensuring good banisters is key. 

Clean up the space before setting up a room

It is important to make the air in the basement healthy, especially by combating humidity, which can harm the room as well as the occupants. Call a professional to assess the humidity level of the basement, and plan one of the following options: drain the soil around the house, lower the walls on the exterior side with a waterproof coating that will thicken them, or install a VMC for optimal ventilation.


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