You Should Always Be Bold and Go After Your Dreams

You Should Always Be Bold and Go After Your Dreams

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Do you have any dreams that you would really love to achieve at some point or another, when push comes to shove?

For many people, there are all sorts of situations, events and circumstances that seem desirable in one way or another, but which never make it much beyond being vague and fleeting notions.

The thing is, when you never really take the time to look within and carefully identify just what your dreams really are, there’s a real risk that you will miss out on all kinds of great adventure and achievement that you might otherwise have achieved.

By, instead, coming up with a clear idea of what some of the things are that you really want to achieve in life, and which feel most meaningful to you, it’s possible to take a much more active hand in shaping the course of your life and your destiny as a whole.

Ultimately, there are all sorts of powerful benefits that come with being bold in life and pursuing your dreams.

Here are some reasons why you should always be bold and go after your dreams, whether they involve perspective photography, starting a business, or a variety of other things.

Because even “if at first you don’t succeed,” persistence can bring great achievement

Many great and bold things that you might attempt — just about all, in fact — will tend not to be a resounding success on the first try.

In the world of business, many leading entrepreneurs who have become household names over the course of their careers have also amassed a substantial number of failed businesses and ventures along the way.

Likewise, great artists rarely “make it” with their first artwork, whatever it may be.

The important thing to remember here is that every time you make an effort and then consistently stick with it, you give yourself the opportunity to grow, learn (often rapid) lessons in action, and achieve far more over time than you otherwise would.

It’s important to go after your dreams boldly and consistently, because persistence and tenacity can bring great achievement, even if it doesn’t come on the first attempt.

Because there’s no knowing what you might be capable of unless you dare boldly

The desire to always be as “realistic” as possible can actually end up robbing us of our potential, and of all sorts of great experiences and achievements that we might otherwise have enjoyed over the course of our lives.

With regards to pursuing dreams, this often takes the form of not even making an initial attempt to achieve an ambitious goal or dream, on the basis that “it’s unrealistic,” or “almost no one succeeds at this,” or any number of other things.

Ultimately, though, everyone who ever achieved anything had to start somewhere — and for the most successful people across a range of fields over the course of world history, it would have been difficult if not impossible to predict their success up front.

One reason to go after your goals and to dare boldly, is because there’s no knowing what you might achieve unless you do.

Because you’ll become better at honing in on what you value and how to get there, as you move forward

It may be that you find yourself not going after your dreams because, when all is said and done, you don’t really know what your dreams are — or you aren’t very clear on how you should actually go about achieving them.

One of the great and powerful things about moving forward towards something that you genuinely value and that feels genuinely meaningful to you, however, is that your awareness of what your dreams really are will improve drastically along the way. What’s more, you’ll be better and better able to actually identify a path towards those dreams that works.

If, however, you just sat around forever with half formed ideas of what you might want to achieve, but never took any action to move forward, you would likely never develop your awareness in these fundamental ways.

Because doing something you love can transform your life for the better

We’ve all met people who hate what they do with their lives, both in personal and professional contexts, but who nonetheless stay in the same rut because it’s familiar and the idea of making a change seems futile.

If all that it took to make a fulfilling life was money, for example, this kind of approach — of grinding endlessly at a job you despise — should ultimately be worth the effort. But in fact, it’s not.

As human beings, we all want to do things that we love and believe in. Pursuing your dreams, therefore, can enrich your life dramatically.


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