Tips for Moving Your Office Out of the City

Tips for Moving Your Office Out of the City

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There are, of course, advantages to having an office in the city. But it’s not as if it’s all positive. It most definitely is not. Indeed, the rising cost of rent and overpopulation of cities has prompted many companies to look at moving away from the city to a more rural area. In doing so, they’ll pay less rent and get more space, where they’ll be able to stamp their own branding. However, if you’re going to do this, then it’s important that you think about things carefully. In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the top tips that’ll ensure that your move out of the city is nothing other than a success. 

Communication With Staff

You’re not just moving your company’s headquarters; you’re also moving your staff. They may have taken the job with you because it was located in the city. If you have plans to move, then you should let them know as early as possible. Of course, where you’re deciding to move to will play a role in determining which employees stay and which go. If some employees can’t make the commute but do want to stay, look at offering them a stay at home or hybrid work model.

Building the Space

One of the best things about moving out of the city is that there’s a lot more potential for getting a large space and making it your own. Indeed, you could even build your own premises. When you’re doing this, it’s a good idea to keep a couple of things in mind. For instance, your building should be infused with your branding. Second, you’ll want to think about where your company will be 5, 10 years down the line. This will prevent you from running into annoying problems (for example, you want to expand, but the office is too small, etc.).

Modern Connectivity

One of the advantages of working in a central area is that you’ll already have everything you need. All the infrastructure you’d need to work at your best level will already be there. When you’re moving out of the city, that won’t necessarily be the case. You might need to install telephone and internet cable lines, for instance. For that, you should hire data cabling contractors. The job isn’t difficult, but you will need to have it done if you’re going to be connected!

Meetings With Others

When you’re choosing the location, think about how you will meet with visitors. Is your site accessible from the city? Is there plenty of parking? What will the site say about your business? 

Smooth Transition 

Finally, think about how you’re going to handle the transition from one office to the next. You won’t be able to make the move in one weekend. But even if you could, it wouldn’t be the smartest way to go about things. Instead, go slowly. You’ll need to pay rent in two places, sure, but it’s essential, because the ambition is to reduce the disturbance to your operations as much as possible.


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