Pool Deck Replacement: All You Need to Know

Pool Deck Replacement: All You Need to Know

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You might be scrolling your favorite Pinterest boards on amazing outdoor decks and pool designs. Then it dawned on you, that lots of innovative designs are now available. A pool deck replacement comes to your mind. Or simply, it inspired you to have your pool surfaces repaired or have it built with heat repel coating. Well for both options you can get professional decking services via https://www.coastseawall.com.

Other reasons you might have regarding your pool deck replacement may include:

  • Which is better replacement or repair?
  • Is replacement cheaper than pool deck repair cost?
  • Can you replace a concrete pool deck?
  • What is the best pool deck material?
  • Is it worth replacing a pool deck?

Your swimming pools at home are no doubt an asset that increases property’s value. It helps owners hit the top spot for property resell. It is just important to think of your entire pool deck replacement cost. Good thing you checked out today’s article. Here is everything you need to know about pool decks and pool resurfacing.

Pool Decking Options: Materials and Factors to Consider

Before you complete your pool decking project there are things that you need to think about first. You might get tangled between which one to think first, Is it the cost? Should you set aside a budget? Is it the materials to use?

Here, have a quick look at popular and most recommended pool decking materials:

  • Concrete pool decks
  • Stone pavers
  • Brick pavers
  • Overlays
  • Tiles
  • Vinyl pool decks
  • Composite wood decks

So, should you choose the materials first? Will there be other factors that will affect my choice?

What if the expense is too much for you?

Here is an expert’s advice: choose the best material. A pool owner will have his or her pool decks with concrete or tiles or brick pavers.

Every material is a great option depending on your pool requirement. In choosing your material you have to keep in mind the following factors:

The climate in your area

The number one factor to consider is your location’s climate. Some materials may not fit super humid weather. Some will not handle alternating rain and heat very well.

Pool area size

Next are your decks and your entire swimming pool’s area size. Do you have a vast space or backyard? Or do you only need to revamp a small area on the pool decks? What if you want to combine the type of materials available.

Think of it this way, maybe a tile or brick paver will be more efficient for replacing a small area. Concrete resurfacing will be best if you want to replace the entire decking system. Design and theme will also give you clues on what to choose best.

The theme of your pool exterior

You may have a small spot to upgrade, but still want to utilize the seamless appearance of concrete deckings. This is possible. You can upgrade with multi-decking systems. A concrete pool deck can be outlined with bricks or slate which you can achieve by using paving materials.

Pool patterns and color motif

The color motif you see around your property’s exterior will also dictate how you will design the pool decks. You may have a traditional red brick house as the main motif in your property.

This time, you might want to go neoclassic with Italian-white bricks. Or go against the earthy colors when you use whitewashed concrete pool decks stamped with brick patterns.

Planning and budgetary requirements

Another factor that would help you choose your design and materials wisely is when you create a detailed plan. The best way to sort things out when you can’t decide where to begin is to jot down plans A to C.

In your project planning, the last part should always break down to you your overall budget requirement. Then you can go over alternative options like a change of material or design.

You can easily see adjustments where you can fit your final budget when you lay out your plan wisely.

Pool decking Options: Is it to Replace, Repair, Resurface

The next aspect to look at is if the method or application that will fit your requirement. There are three main processes that you need to decide on what to apply to your pool deckings upgrade. Will you:

  • Resurface
  • Repair
  • Replace

Before that are their differences between these three? Or are they just terms often used interchangeably.

Resurface Vs Repair

Resurfacing is the process of changing the decking or flooring system to an already existing one. You may have tiles before, now you want a change to a concrete material for the pool decking.

Resurfacing is altering the surface material of your flooring systems. This is a practical method that won’t require you to dig out an entire layer of slabs. With resurfacing you can continue to utilize the base cement and existing reinforcements. Resurfacing does not necessarily involve damaged floorings.

You can resurface even if there are no cracks or dents on the flooring surface. Resurfacing will also suffice if you only need to upgrade the style or design of your concrete pool decking without changing the materials.

Repair, on the other hand, involves restoring or removing what surfaced on the decks. A pool deck may already acquire too many dents. Or your existing yield pool decks have too many dents already. Damages such as these cause s accidents. Slipping and tripping are common accidents on the surrounding decks in the pool area.

Damages may exist on the surface or worst-case scenario may be caused by ground movement. Damages that involve the core layers and reinforcement needs major repair. Resurfacing or replacement of materials will not be enough to fix those.

Repair vs Replacement vs Resurfacing

Meanwhile, you also have a replacement. Like resurfacing you may need a change of materials or design. This, however, will also involve replacing the entire system.

Although there is no pre-definition of replacement in terms of pool deck construction experts of Pooldeks contractors and Las Vegas pool resurfacing will use the term replacement as a major pool deck renovation. This involves more steps and subprocesses.

The replacement may sound too heavy for you especially when coming to the cost. That is why a much better alternative is catered for you with resurfacing applications. From there you can choose if you need to repair, recolor, resurface or redesign


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