Top 3 Appliances That Should Get Yearly Maintenance Checks

Top 3 Appliances That Should Get Yearly Maintenance Checks

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The main goal of having appliances at home is to make everyday chores easier. That’s why you’d use a washing machine to do your laundry and keep your food in the fridge to avoid spoilage. Doubtless, using home appliances saves time and requires lesser effort to get each job done. These could explain why most homeowners have multiple appliances in different parts of the house.

And like any item you’d often use, home appliances succumb to mechanical wear and tear. In addition, not cleaning them regularly could aggravate the condition of the appliances. Further, power surges could also cause damage, as they could burn the microprocessors in some appliances.

One way to prevent damage is by doing maintenance checks. This measure could help homeowners take notice of the early signs of trouble. This way, your appliances could prevent dents and problems and be still functional for a long time. While all appliances may need yearly maintenance checks, some need these checkups the most.

If you want to know which appliances need annual maintenance checks, here’s the top three appliances that you should check more than other appliances:  




Cleaning your refrigerators may already be your habit, but there could still be mistakes that you make, preventing these appliances from running properly. To maintain clean and functional refrigerators, you could try the following:

Clean The Drainage Hole 

The drainage hole is one of the most neglected parts of refrigerators. Usually, you’ll find water pooling, dirt buildup, or ice blockage in the spot. Ignoring this part may lead to more significant problems.

Check The Door And Compressor

Leaving the door open increases the temperature inside the refrigerator. When this happens, the compressor could overheat, as it tries to maintain the internal temperature. Frequent reminders on closing the refrigerator door properly could be helpful, but you should still need to run maintenance checkups to see if there are spaces where external air passes through.

In addition, you may want to check the compressor if it still runs correctly. If your refrigerator needs major repair, you may consider seeking professional services such as Sterling Service Group to provide solutions to your problems or as-needed repairs.

Cleaning The Coils 

If the coils are dirty, they may collect debris and rust that would eventually affect the efficiency of all the coils. The compressor may need to work extra hard, as the coils may fail to reduce the heat when this happens. Aside from this, you’d be facing more trouble, as an overworking compressor equates to a higher energy bill. To address this problem, you just need to clean the coils regularly to prevent dirt buildup.


Washing Machines 


Before buying washing machines, you may have considered several criteria before picking one. One of these may be its typical and recurring problems. The significant signs that your washing machine may need repair are water leaks, foul smells, and unclean clothes. While regular cleaning may prevent these from happening, you could still try to deep-clean these appliances for better results through the following:


Clean The Dispensers And Interiors


You could remove the standing water in the dispensers to eliminate odors. Removing or preventing the water buildup would avoid water pooling that could damage your washer’s interior parts. To do this, you may use a water-and-vinegar solution to resolve the foul odor and wipe the dispensers and interiors with a clean cloth.

Inspect The Hoses 

Ensure that your washer’s hoses have no cracks, tears, and bulges, especially the parts close to the appliance. The presence of these parts may lead to complicated water leaks that could affect the other parts of the washer. If the hoses have massive tears, you may need to replace them to ensure that water flow isn’t affected.




Dishwashers are essential home appliances because they save time and effort in cleaning plates and other kitchenware. In addition, they make the kitchen clutter-free and prevents breakage of the dishes. However, like the other appliances, they could have issues that may affect their condition and function.

If you want to keep your dishwasher in excellent condition, you may do the following checkups:

Check The Plastic Coating On The Dish Racks 

If the coating is torn and worn, you might need to replace it with slip-on rubber tips. In some cases, you’d just need to cut the protruding edges, as long as all parts of the tines are covered. This way, you’d prevent rust from building up on this part of the dishwasher.

Remove Lime Buildup 

Hard water causes lime buildup in dishwashers. This compound could prevent proper water flow and cause sudden heating in your appliance. When these happen, dishwashers tend to overwork, leading to problems in any part of the dishwashers.

Wrapping Up 

Appliances make living more manageable and more comfortable. To keep them fully functional and extend their life span, homeowners need to run regular maintenance checks through them. Knowing the appliances that may require the most attention and maintenance checks helps homeowners identify which appliances need utmost care. This way, they could ensure that these appliances are clean, free from damage, and have good working conditions.  

While maintenance checks could prevent future problems, damage could still happen. When appliances break down, you’ll need professionals to take care of this situation. The most you could do is prevent problems from occurring and hope that professionals could do the best for the repairs you couldn’t fix. 


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