The Big Flower Trend: Like It, or Hate It?

The Big Flower Trend: Like It, or Hate It?

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If you’ve been tracking the changes in wallpaper patterns, you know that you can get wallpaper that depicts almost anything. Whether you are looking for simple patterns or going all the way with cartoon themes, there’s a wallpaper for you! You can even customize a design that works perfectly for your space! Recently, there’s been an increased interest in floral wallpapers. People are now hoping to bring the outdoors closer to them. Who can blame them? They spent almost a year stuck indoors, staring at nothing but appliances, buildings, and white walls. So, why not go all out now and embrace some nature? Of course, as they go all out, they have chosen to go big- using big flower themes more than the small prints. If you’ll remember, in the past, people favored smaller prints. But that has now changed. The question is whether this new trend is here to stay. Also, how can you incorporate it into your home? 

The Rise of the Big Flower Trend

When people first started using wallpaper in their homes, removable wallpaper was unavailable. Instead, they used the traditional wallpaper, which required paste to adhere the paper to the wall. That cost them a lot of time in installation and removal and left no room for error. DIY-ing such installations was akin to asking for a headache. But then times changed, and removable wallpaper became a thing. It now became possible to install wallpaper without professional help. Moreover, it took a few minutes to adhere the paper to the wall. With these changes, manufacturers moved from the classical small floral prints and introduced wallpaper with big flowers. People were going big, wallpapering significant chunks of their homes, and wanted more variety.

So, why big flowers? 

You Can’t Miss Them

Small floral prints are easy to miss. You can feel their presence but might not even notice them. Instead, you will feel the calming effect of nature and feel calm in the space, not knowing why this is the case. But with big florals? It’s almost impossible to miss them. These flowers jump at you, and you can make out each detail in the wallpaper. They are so eye-catching that everyone who walks into the room must glance at them at least once. That’s how awe-inspiring they are. So, if you’re looking for a show stopper, this is it! 

They Inspire Engagement

Small prints don’t really engage the senses much. Sure, they have the benefits of mood-boosting because florals always depict nature. But that’s pretty much all they have to offer. If you walk into a space with small florals, you might not even notice them. They become like the generic artwork you come across in offices and barely even notice. 

Is the case different with big florals? Why, yes! The first significant difference is that you will notice them, which sets the ball rolling. The second one is that they tell a story. If you look at a giant floral print, you feel moved by what it communicates. It could be set in a bright canvas, eliciting feelings of liveliness and happiness. Or it could have a moody background, inspiring you to dig deeper into your emotions. Being around such wallpapers engages your senses at a much deeper level, compelling you to feel. 

They Make Statements

What do you hope to achieve when installing wallpaper? Some people do it to cover their walls. Others want to create focal points, while others want something extra to give the room some character. You cannot go wrong with big florals, regardless of what you want to achieve. 

Look at it this way. Big flowers are bold enough to create a statement about your home. For example, if you want to create an island vibe in your home, how would you do it? Installing a wallpaper with island-inspired florals should work the magic. Anyone walking into the space will see the florals because they are impossible to miss. They can then get a sense of the vibe you want to create. The same goes for using big florals in an office or restaurant. They communicate your vibe so that you don’t have to do so with your words. You let the florals do the talking.

They are Versatile

Positioning wallpaper is not always an easy job, especially when you have already laid out the space. But that should not be a problem with big flower wallpapers- they work almost anywhere. You can have them on the porch as the first thing your guests see on arriving at your home. Or you can locate them in the bathroom to inspire you each time you retreat to this small haven. How about having them in the bedroom, right above your headboard, like a bedtime story that gets you to sleep each time? Their grandeur matches almost any theme. Remember that given their statement-like appeal, you should be careful with the fittings to ensure that you do not introduce competition. Other than that, these wallpapers work almost anywhere.

They are Efficient

Are you always painting and repainting your home? Here’s a way you can save on labor costs- install a big flower wallpaper in the space instead. It takes a few hours to cover a room and does not require drying time. Seeing as these wallpapers feature large flowers, the patterns do not feel overwhelming in the space. You can cover an entire room with this wallpaper without creating a busy look because the elements are far from each other. That’s not quite possible with small prints whose elements tend to compete, creating clutter that can feel overpowering.

Besides, the wallpaper can serve you for up to ten or more years, eliminating the need to invest more money into the space. Oh, and if you ever want to change the wallpaper, you can peel it off in one go! How’s that for time and labor savings?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to liven up a house by covering old and damaged walls, you can always use big flower wallpapers. They work for any room and could be just what you need to update your home. Have fun!


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