HVAC: 4 Ways to Know When You Should Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced

HVAC: 4 Ways to Know When You Should Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced

If you’ve ever walked into your home on a blistering summer day, you know how important it is to have an air conditioner. You probably have the same sentiment if you and the people you live with don’t have the same idea of what temperature is comfortable during the colder months. An AC allows you to not only combat heat but also to adjust the temperature in a certain room without affecting the whole house. However, an air conditioner does require some maintenance, and there are four ways to know when you should have your AC serviced.

1. Weird Noises

If you hear odd creaking or squealing coming from your air conditioner, it may be trying to tell you something. Noises that sound like metal grinding or scraping usually indicate a part needs to be replaced and can happen any time after a technician has worked on it. It’s important to point out though, that the HVAC experts at https://www.iceaclv.com/ say that you shouldn’t experience issues with your AC for around two years after it was last serviced. Of course, older models are more prone to breaking, but an average AC should work without too many issues for at least ten years. If you feel like your unit needs constant maintenance even though it’s not an old model, it may be a good idea to contact a different company.

2. Noticeable Drainage

If it looks like someone is always mopping up a pool around your air conditioner, that’s probably because there actually is water pooling around it. This can be caused by an accumulator drain line freezing and building up ice inside the unit which prevents hot air from leaving the house and cool air from entering it. While this should be an easy fix and one you might be able to do yourself by turning off the power and letting the ice melt inside the unit, it’s important to contact a professional if this is a regular occurrence. Having this happen once doesn’t have to be a big deal if letting the AC rest for a bit does the trick. However, anything more than that could mean that the drainage isn’t due to drain line freezing but that there might be another problem an expert needs to check out.

3. Lack of Efficiency

If you notice your AC doesn’t seem as efficient as it used to be, there’s a reason. Air conditioners are built with different levels of cooling power which means not every unit is suitable for every climate. If you aren’t happy with the power of your AC ever since you got it, this simply means that you probably need to invest in a more powerful unit next time. However, if it used to work just fine, and doesn’t provide the same results anymore, it’s a good sign that it’s time to have it serviced There are a few reasons this could happen. The buildup of dirt can cause your AC’s efficiency to decrease since the unit will have to work harder with its airflow. Another reason could be the low levels of refrigerant which will also make it difficult for your AC to provide consistent cooling. The good news is, these are both easy fixes, and an HVAC technician will have your AC working properly again in no time.

4. Funny Smell

When you get home after running errands or work, there’s nothing better than walking into your house and feeling that cool air. Most people love this sensation so much they don’t ever want to leave it. Unfortunately, if you smell something unusual whenever you’re in the room with your AC, this means that something isn’t right. An air conditioning unit that starts blowing out weird smells can be dangerous, and it’s important to contact a professional as soon as possible. While on the call, it might be a good idea to mention what kind of smell is it. A burning smell, or a chemical one? This will help technicians to get a better idea of what happened and the extent of the damage. A sudden funny smell is never a good thing, and if you notice it after or while your AC is on, don’t hesitate to contact a repair service. If, however, it just feels like the air isn’t as fresh as it’s supposed to be, you might just need to clean your filters.

No matter how long you’ve had your AC, if you see or experience any of these things, it’s time to give us a call and schedule an appointment for one of our technicians to take a look at your unit. While these are four of the more urgent signs your AC needs to get serviced, there are of course others that will indicate that you should schedule a checkup. You know how your AC works the best, so if you notice anything out of the usual, it’s a good idea to call someone. Maintenance is a big part of keeping a unit going for as long as possible, and that means hiring an expert to inspect the unit from time to time.


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