How To Better Insulate Your Roof?

How To Better Insulate Your Roof?

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People living in countries where cold weather stays almost throughout the year know the importance of insulating. Usually, the homes in such countries are made by keeping all these considerations in mind. As a result, the proper heating systems are installed to keep the home warm and cozy in winter, but there is a problem.

The average heating bills in winter are so high which becomes out of range for some people. Then if you replace your heating system with electric heaters, they are also very expensive to afford. Don’t worry; many solutions can be helpful in this regard. Koala Roofing Company says you can insulate your roof by using various DIY methods.

So without being later, let’s move towards the methods which will save your room from severe cold weather!

Add up thick curtains to your room’s windows:

For making your room warm and comfortable during winters, this is a good option to do. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, add up some thick lining to the present curtains of your room. The lining can be from Fleece or PVC shower material, preventing the cold air from coming in. 

It is preferred to keep curtains away during the day to let the sun’s natural heat come in and keep the room warm. Nowadays, thermal curtains are also available in the market which is specially made for keeping you insulated from cold. The advantage is that they will also work out in summer by keeping the room cool.

Cover the air leaks by using the weatherproofing system:

If the room’s door or window has any air leaks through which cold air can enter your room, immediately seal it with the help of weatherproofing caulking and strips easily available from the market. Moreover, you can get window or door insulation kits at a very reasonable price in markets such as less than 20 dollars. 

The good thing about these insulation kits is that they can be easily installed, which means you don’t have to approach any professional to do this in your room. The insulation kits include various types of materials, such as draft excluder brushes, foam strips, and chimney balloons. All of them are effortless to install, and they keep your room insulated.

Seal the attic air leaks:

Even if you have a proper heating system in your home, the open attic will get all the heat and let the cold air come in. That’s why it is always said to completely seal your room’s or home’s attic space with an insulating material so that you can reduce your heating cost. Foam can be used for keeping the attic insulated.

If you are on a budget, another material is used for insulating your attic. That is reflective foil material that is very cost-effective and easily available. For once, you have to invest in it, and as a result, you will get a warm and comfy home or room throughout the winter in your country.

Insulate switches and electrical outlets:

Every room has electrical outlets and switches to charge your various electrical devices, including phone, laptop, etc. It would help insulate these tiny holes to make your room completely warm. They look very ting in size, but you don’t know how much heat they are letting out and allowing cold air to rush in.

For this purpose, one can use foam gaskets on the back of outlets and switches, which help block the heat loss in your room. Another option for insulating outlets and switches is to use foam spray, which reduces the heat loss to completely zero level. Usage of infrared thermograph is another method, but it is tricky to install.

Control moisture in your room:

People don’t take this aspect very seriously, but this should be taken into serious account. If your room has moisture, it will destroy the seal you have made to various points and dampen out the insulations you used. After insulating your room, remember to have a proper ventilation system.

When your room has a proper ventilation system, it will not affect the insulation and cannot damage your room’s walls as well. For that purpose, it is recommended to check whether bathroom fans are working properly or not. If not, then repair them to get proper ventilation in the room.


Proper insulation is crucial for keeping your home warm and preventing cold air from rushing in. Whether you have hefty of money or are on a budget, you can easily insulate your home using the various methods mentioned above. They will be helpful for you because they are cost-effective and easy to follow. Best of luck!


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