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Gone are the days when workers needed to toil as a team to install doors, windows, frames, and other critical fixtures in residential and commercial complexes. In recent years, a sole individual can successfully undertake these complicated tasks alone, effectively putting up various stands, closures, and encasings using state-of-the-art tools.

For instance, consider the Orxy Tool Viking Arm, which you can use to quickly clamp windows, doors, cabinets, and other essential construction components. The versatile tool can lift massive weights, making it easy to position large items, balance them well, and screw bolts during construction.

If you are purchasing the product for the first time, browse through the critical information below to help you understand the tool you are about to buy.

Features And Specifications

The spectacular specifications of the tool enable users to undertake all possible home renovation projects without hassles, boosting their property resale value. The device is made predominantly of robust, top-grade stainless steel and incorporates a few aluminum parts.

Consequently, this sturdy construction empowers a single handheld jack to lift approximately 3,30lbs (or 150 kg) comfortably. Its broad steel base helps it to carry heavy loads easily without mishaps. The tool weighs a mere 1.4 kg at the most, making it easy to move to different workstations as per requirements.

Even the tool’s features are fantastic, enabling users to lift, hold, tighten, or press any large object precisely. The accuracy of this remarkable tool helps you take on more than a handful of home improvement tasks simultaneously while saving you time and finances.

Tool Uses

The following is a brief but invaluable list of the most remarkable things you can do with the popular handheld jack.

  • Lift and lower heavy objects – You need not worry about physically lugging heavy materials when you have this tool in your construction kit. The product can effortlessly lift, hold, and lower a broad range of furniture, heavy metal frames, steel doors, window frames, etc.
  • Press and tighten spaces – Sometimes, items in your home need to be pressed together since there is too much space between them, such as your patio wood floorboards. The handheld clamping jack can help tighten all planks by closing them effectively together, ensuring there are no unsightly gaps anymore.
  • Work independently – People no longer need to depend on someone else’s assistance to get work done around the house, as the tool can be used just as efficiently by a single person. So, you can finish critical and complex home projects by yourself using this versatile, ergonomic arm tool.

Purchasing From a Reliable Supplier

Consider purchasing Orxy Tool Viking Arm as they are reputable suppliers with valuable industry experience and competitive prices. Buying the sought-after product from these professionals will cost you less than $210, besides enjoying free shipping if you are a Canadian or US resident. Moreover, they provide a two-year warranty on the item, ensuring it covers any defects in functionality or material for the original customer.

Furthermore, such retailers often have DIY videos and tutorials on their websites for beginners to get started correctly. They also have a support team always available to help out with any queries regarding the arm tool. Therefore, always buy from reputable dealers like these to land a high-quality product with the perfect specifications.


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