Taking These 4 Steps Will Increase Your Home’s Security

Taking These 4 Steps Will Increase Your Home’s Security

Published June 7, 2022

The very thought of someone breaking into your home is enough to keep people up at night. This thought keeps them awake because the home is the most private space you share with the people you love the most in the world. However, the majority of these break-ins can be prevented if you follow these 4 steps:

Secure Your Home When You Are Away

Close all the curtains when you are going away from your home, especially for an extended period. Thieves plan and scope out a house they are planning to rob. Secondly, they are way more clever than you are, so try not to keep your keys outside the house. Before entering, thieves check the potential location of the keys. Instead, give a spare key to a trusted neighbor if you have nobody at home to open a door for you. Leave the lights on while you are gone. This will give the impression that you are still inside the house.

Potential Security Systems

Burglars look for easy targets. So, give them the impression that you own a dog. For this, you could own an actual dog or even hang a sign saying “beware of dog”. It would dissuade the potential burglar and even if they enter, an alarm can deter them from proceeding any further. If you live in Western Australia, you can also try reliable Perth fencing and gate supplies if you don’t have a reputable company or place in mind for buying the security systems.  Never keep the boxes from the purchases; dispose of every single one of them. This rule goes for all the boxing of your video game, mobiles, and other similar electronics that you have recently bought. You can discard these boxes by breaking them down entirely and then putting them in a trash can.

You can also look into small spy cameras if you can’t afford an entire system at the moment. This will help you catch the perpetrator if someone does try to break into your home, giving you a visual of who it was. This helps you protect your home 24/7, and they work fantastically alongside security systems when you can get one.

Keep the External Doors Locked All the Time

A survey done found that most robberies were carried out because the robbers found the external door open. No matter how many measures you take to keep your home safe, everything will go in vain if you do not keep your external doors locked. Keep all the doors locked when you visit your neighbor or go out for a walk. Never leave the balcony door of your house open, especially at night, since this will allow access to robbers and intruders. Also, be cautious about the garage doors and treat them like all the other doors. Keep them locked too.

Lock external windows and sliding glass doors too. Install motion-activated floodlights in your backyard. 

Secure Entry Points

Make sure every single door of the house has a deadbolt installed. You can visit your local hardware store to get them installed as soon as possible. If you have moved to a new home, you should change all the locks. Keep copies of the new keys. If you ever lose a key to your door, get the lock changed immediately. Get your locks and hinges fastened with longer screws. Lastly, get professional-grade window locks. This is the best way to reinforce your windows.

Never trust anyone when it comes to the safety of your house. If a door lock gets broken, get it fixed immediately from a reputable place and never procrastinate on such crucial matters because you never know who is keeping an eye on your house.


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