Taking Care of Your AC – Here’s What You Need to Know About AC Maintenance

Taking Care of Your AC – Here’s What You Need to Know About AC Maintenance

Your air conditioning unit is the only household appliance that can make your indoor temperatures stable, making the indoors comfortable and relaxing. Maintaining your AC can not only increase the efficiency of the unit but also keeps the operating costs low. Here are some maintenance tips you should follow to keep it running smoothly while decreasing the chances of expecting an operational failure. 

Changing Filters

Over time, your AC will gather dust and debris in its filters which can decrease the cooling capacity and efficiency of the air conditioning unit. You can clean the AC filters every month if you use the AC regularly. Different air conditioning units come with different filter sizes and a MERV value that shows how much your AC will work to clean out the air. The higher the MERV value, the cleaner the air will be. However, the air conditioning unit that provides better air quality will also have a higher operating cost.

Setting Up a Schedule

The air conditioner does not need to be always running when no one is around. Instead, make a schedule and use a timer to control when you want the air conditioning unit to turn on and off. A programmable thermostat can also be installed and used to control indoor temperatures according to your requirements. Nowadays, most air conditioning units come pre-installed with thermostats and timers so make sure to use them for better results.  

Leaking AC Units

Air conditioner leaks can be devastating as they can decrease the efficiency of the unit by many folds. Due to leaks, the refrigerant running in the unit gets wasted. You can learn more about the signs of a low refrigerant here at vernonairconditioning.com/blog/signs-of-low-refrigerant so it becomes easier for you to handle the situation. You can also identify the place of the leak manually by using smoke. You can light up an incense stick and slowly move the incense stick around the unit. The area with a leak will blow the smoke away. Sticking tape can be applied as a temporary solution but it is imperative to get the unit checked by professional repair personnel as your air conditioner would need replacement of the leaking area and a proper supply of refrigerant.

Insulating The Indoors

Besides running your AC at maximum efficiency, it is necessary to properly insulate the indoors. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between several types of insulation to keep constant internal temperatures and decrease the operating costs. Furthermore, place the outdoor unit under shade or make a small shade-like area on top of the unit as running at low outdoor temperatures makes the AC run effectively. 

Maintaining Airflow 

Keeping the indoors shut all the time can decrease the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. Opening windows and maintaining airflow will ultimately put less stress on the machinery. Using this technique allows you to save money and your AC would require less maintenance. 

Besides maintaining the air conditioner on your own, you can also hire AC maintenance services if you don’t have enough time. We hope you find the provided information useful and help you in maintaining your air conditioner in a hassle-free way. 


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