Top Safety Essentials to Keep in Your Garage

Top Safety Essentials to Keep in Your Garage

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Health and safety must be a priority in any kind of DIY, mechanic or construction work. If you run your own garage or a similar business, it is vital that you take steps to protect yourself and any employees so that you can work safely, prevent accidents and injuries and work with confidence each day. PPE and safety gadgets will be key for this and there is a handful that should be used in every garage business to reduce risk and provide protection in case of an accident.

A Tool Lanyard

Tools falling from height is a major safety hazard in a number of industries and these accidents can be life-changing and even fatal. One of the best ways to prevent this is a tool lanyard, which is a device that allows you to attach the tool to your person when working at height to prevent it from falling (this can also protect the tool and save time having to retrieve the tool).

Chemical Storage Containers

Chemicals can pose numerous dangers in the workplace, ranging from burns to being a potential fire hazard. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that you have all of the adequate safety measures and procedures in place when dealing with chemicals, which can include both personal protective equipment and the correct storage containers which will prevent leakages and personal injury. A good range of storage options are available here.


Dust, fumes, particulate materials and industrial sprays are all serious threats in garage work, construction and similar industries and can cause serious, long-term respiratory illness. This is why respirators are so important and should be worn at all times when carrying out any kind of task that can create these harmful airborne substances. Respirators are not to be confused with regular face masks and will provide the protection that you and your workers need when on the job.

Safety Harness

If you are ever working from height, you need to make sure that the proper steps are taken to ensure protection and prevent falls from height. A safety harness will prevent falls from height and also give you and your team peace of mind and help you to focus on the task at hand without the fear of falling.

Job Specific Gloves

It is also important that hand protection is available and the right kind for the type of work that you are carrying out. Rubber gloves, welding gloves and insulated gloves are a few of the main types that can provide protection against sharp objects, harmful substances and heat.

Push Button Evacuation Alarm

Finally, you should have a push button evocation alarm installed onside. If there is an immediate threat to people onsite, such as a fire, you can press this button to raise the alarm and alert people that they need to get to safety.

These are a few of the key PPE and safety gadgets that are essential in garages, construction sites and similar work environments. There are serious hazards and risks in these industries and having the right equipment can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your workers and allowing them to work with confidence each day.


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