5 Tips and Tricks For Cleaning House Gutters

5 Tips and Tricks For Cleaning House Gutters

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Homeowners have a lot of responsibilities, with home maintenance being the most important one. It is the practice of taking care of a home and making sure everything works as it should. When done correctly, it protects the property from unexpected damages and the residents from costly repairs.

A home maintenance task that should never be overlooked is gutter cleaning. The gutters may be the smallest element of a house, but they play one of the most important roles in protecting the property from damage. Their job is to channel water away from the roof, through the downspouts, and direct it to appropriate areas outside the home. Without a fully functioning gutter system, there is a greater risk of water overflow which can cause severe damage to the house’s foundation and landscaping.

To avoid these issues, here are five tips for proper cleaning of house gutters.

Call gutter professionals

Although many homeowners decide to take on gutter cleaning as a DIY job, it may not be the best option. Instead, it is recommended that you hire professional gutter contractors to do the job for you. These people have the right tools and equipment to clean the gutters as well as to fix any repairs that may be present. If you’ve had the same gutter system since you moved in, they may even suggest that you update your gutters.

For instance, if you live in Syracuse, New York, you should look for the best gutters Syracuse-based services to find professional gutter contractors to clean and maintain your gutters, and install a new system if necessary.

Clean off the roof

Usually, leaves, sticks, and other debris first fall on the roof and then slide into the gutters, causing them to clog. This makes it harder for rainwater to flow freely from the bottom of the roof, into the gutters, and down the channel. The rainwater will start collecting on the bottom of the roof, causing damage to the roof shingles and leading to cracks. These cracks can further lead to leaks in the home’s ceiling which can be a very expensive repair project.

That’s why it is best that you clean off the roof first so you can protect it from all kinds of damages, as well as save yourself from costly repairs of a damaged roof or rotted ceiling.

Install gutter guards

Another effective way to keep your gutters as clean as possible is to install gutter guards. The main purpose of these guards is to prevent the debris from piling up in the gutters in the first place, which in turn can prevent the need for any potential roof repairs, or roof replacement.

When it comes to choosing the right gutter guards, you have several options to choose from. Some of the most popular choices among homeowners include screen, mesh, micro-mesh, brush, and foam.

Unclog the downspouts

The downspouts are an important component of the entire gutter system which is why they need to be cleaned regularly as well. If they become blocked, the rainwater can easily go into your house’s foundation and landscaping, causing severe water damage.

Also, if your gutters are improperly installed, then they won’t be able to channel the water flow from the roof through the downspouts.

Although there are several options to clear any downspout blockages, most homeowners choose to flush the gutters with a strong stream from their hose to clean out the downspouts.

Follow a regular cleaning schedule

According to gutter experts, gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, one time in spring and another in fall. The main reason for such semiannual cleaning is to eliminate the possibility of water damage from rainwater runoff due to clogged gutters.

Another reason is to reduce the likelihood of rust corrosion which can occur if the debris in the gutters stays inside for a long time. This can cause the rusting process to speed up and make it more difficult to clean the gutters afterward.

Final thoughts

Gutter cleaning is an important home maintenance task no homeowner should overlook. A free and fully functioning gutter system and downspouts will keep the rainwater flow going without obstructions, protecting your property from severe damages and costly repairs.

For more help, refer to our post and follow the tips to properly clean and maintain your gutters. 


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