Save Energy, Save Money: Useful Home Renovations to Consider

Save Energy, Save Money: Useful Home Renovations to Consider

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Doing your bit for the environment will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also save you money too. With the cost of fuel at extortionate levels and the cost of living increasing, we’ve all become more aware of what we’re using because of how much it’s costing us. Even when things (hopefully) return back to more normal levels, making changes to reduce our environmental impact will protect us against these kinds of price hikes and spikes in the future. So they’re worth doing, if you’re considering ways to go more green at home and save money, here are some ideas. 

Good Quality Windows

Double or even triple glazed windows will make your home much more energy efficient. And with the price of fuel so high right now, the efficiency of our windows is something we’ve all become more aware of. If your windows are due for an upgrade, go with the most energy efficient versions you can find. It prevents heat from escaping meaning your home will stay warmer for longer, and use less fuel. This is better for the planet (since most of our homes are still heated with fossil fuels) and better for your bank balance. 

Loft and Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation involves filling the gap between the internal and external walls with an insulating material. Loft insulation will prevent heat from escaping through the ceiling, these kinds of measures will all help to keep the heat in at home and are useful for any home to have done. 

Solar Panels

If you want to make your home kinder to the environment and use less power generated by fossil fuels then having solar panels installed is the way to go. Solar energy is completely renewable and while there’s cost involved in having them installed, they typically pay for themselves within a few years. 

Compost Bin

This is something you can do at home without the need for huge home renovations, or custom home builders to create an eco-friendly home from scratch. It’s a simple thing that anyone with some outside space can implement at home, don’t ever feel like your actions are too small to make a difference as every bit matters. By composting, we reduce the amount of waste that gets sent to landfill. Waste tends to be burned which is bad for the environment, or buried which pollutes the soil. So taking matters into your own hands by safely breaking down some of your own waste is a great idea. 

Water Well

Sanitising water and making it safe to drink requires using a lot of power, so sourcing your own is one way to go. Water from a private well is safe to drink, as it will not have been contaminated with any surface water, it also contains no fluoride and other chemicals that are added to mains water meaning it’s a healthier option. You’ll need to have the water quality assessed every year to check that everything is ok, but other than that it’s easy and hassle free to use. 


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