Lawn Maintenance Tasks To Do Before Summer Comes

Lawn Maintenance Tasks To Do Before Summer Comes

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When summer comes, it’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors and get some rest and relaxation in your own backyard. But before you can fully enjoy the hot summer days, some important lawn maintenance tasks need to be completed. So here’s a look at what you should do before summer arrives. 

Pull Up Dead Annual Plants:

Annual plants die off each year, leaving behind an unsightly mess on your lawn. Take a few minutes to pull out any dead annuals from the previous season before summer starts. This will help ensure your property looks neat and tidy for months. 

Aerate Your Lawn: 

Aerating your lawn helps loosen up hard soil, promotes root growth, and allows for better absorption of water and nutrients. It’s a great way to make sure your lawn looks lush and healthy before summer rolls around. 

Prune Shrubs: 

Shrubs can grow quickly during spring and summer months, so it’s important to keep them trimmed back. Pruning will help maintain your shrubs’ shape and ensure they don’t get too unruly. It also helps prevent disease and allows more sunlight to reach the bottom branches. 

Fertilize Your Lawn: 

Fertilizing is a critical part of lawn maintenance. During late spring or early summer, use an all-purpose fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. This will help ensure your lawn has all the nutrients it needs for the long hot days ahead.

Get Control of Weeds:

Weeds can quickly take over your lawn in no time. Spring and early summer are great times to apply pre-emergent herbicides, which will help prevent weed growth. Applying post-emergent herbicides at this time will also kill any existing weeds before they can take over. 

Pressure Wash Hardscapes:

Hardscapes like patios, decks, and driveways can get dirty over winter months. Pressure washing these surfaces will help give them a good deep clean before summer arrives. This will make sure they look great and remain in good condition for years to come. 

Apply Pest Control:

After the winter months, pests can start to become active again. To ensure proper pest control, you’ll want to apply a pesticide to your lawn or you can hire professional pest control services. This will help keep away any unwanted critters that might otherwise ruin your summer fun. 

Start Mulching: 

Adding a layer of mulch to your garden beds will help prevent weeds, conserve moisture, and promote healthy plant growth. Mulching in the spring or early summer can give your plants the extra boost they need before summer comes around. 

Check Sprinkler System: 

Make sure your sprinkler system is in good condition before summer comes. This means checking for any broken heads, pipes, and valves. Also, check the water pressure and adjust accordingly so that all of your grass gets an even amount of water each time it’s used. 

Taking care of these lawn maintenance tasks before summer arrives will help ensure that you have a beautiful backyard to enjoy throughout the hot months. From dead annual plants to pest control, proper lawn care is essential if you want a yard that looks great all year long. So take some time this spring or early summer to make sure everything is up to par before the heat kicks in! 


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