Why You Should Never Leave Home Without a Health Insurance In Place

Why You Should Never Leave Home Without a Health Insurance In Place

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It is important to be prepared in this life and most people take steps to provide for the unexpected should it come along. Everyday things that we put in place are making sure that we get insurance for our vehicles if we have an accident or it gets stolen, having a house and contents insurance policy in the event of fire or floods, and many other things that we put in place so that we are better prepared for some of the surprises that life throws at us. There are many however who don’t think to set up some kind of policy that will protect them in the event that they get sick because it is our hope that we never will.

Nobody knows what lies around the next corner when it comes to our health and it doesn’t matter if you run 10 km a day and you follow a healthy diet because if you are genetically predisposed to getting ill then it’s going to happen anyway. This is why it makes sense to have health insurance in Thailand. This particular policy is designed to meet the financial costs in case you experience some kind of medical emergency and so if you currently don’t have one in place then the following are just some of the ways that it can benefit you greatly.

  • It covers the cost of hospitalisation – When you go into hospital, you want the best help that is currently available and so with the right insurance policy in place, you get to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that any expenses that are being incurred are covered by your policy if you had to enter a private clinic. This might include the charge for your room, intensive care, your doctor’s fees, surgery fees and many more. If you had to put your hand into your own wallet or purse to pay for such things then you would find that your life savings will be gone in the blink of an eye.
  • Expenses after you leave – You may need additional help after leaving the hospital and so you want to have something in place that will cover the costs of this as well. It’s likely that you will have to do follow-up visits to the doctor even when you are on vacation to check your progress and you may have to be prescribed medicines and take additional tests as well. Many health insurance policies will cover such expenses for up to around 90 days after you are discharged from the hospital.

The idea is not to have to go to hospital in the first place and so you can use your health insurance to take care of yourself by making sure that you get regular health checkups. This way the doctors can assess your health in real-time and can give you quality advice that will help to keep you healthy and out of the hospital in the first place. This is the better option and nobody wants to have to go into any kind of hospital for a major surgical procedure.


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