6 Signs Your Vacuum Cleaner Sucks

6 Signs Your Vacuum Cleaner Sucks

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Is it time you bought a new vacuum cleaner? The average life of a vacuum cleaner is about 8 years. After this point, your vacuum cleaner could encounter problems. It’s worth noting that vacuum technology has also come a long way in the last decade, and today’s machines are a lot more efficient in almost every way. To help you determine whether it’s time to upgrade your vacuum cleaner, here are some of the things to look out for.

The suction is poor

There are many reasons for poor suction in a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum repair & service company may be able to find a remedy such as replacing filters or removing blockages. That said, it may be easier to get a new vacuum cleaner in some cases. This is particularly worth doing if your vacuum cleaner has always had pretty low suction – some cheap vacuum cleaners (particularly handheld models) can be pretty useless, and it’s often worth investing in something more advanced to get the suction you need.

The cord is too short

In buildings with few sockets, a short cord could be a nuisance and could potentially prevent you from being able to reach certain points to clean them. There are many vacuum cleaners you can buy with extra long cords that can prevent you having to use extension cables. And of course, there are also many cordless vacuum cleaners which are great for home use (just remember to keep them charged!). 

It makes a racket

Vacuum cleaners have gotten a lot less noisy over the years. Some modern vacuum cleaners are very quiet and are ideal if you want to use your vacuum cleaner at night while people are asleep. Sometimes blockages and other issues can cause vacuum cleaners to become noisier – if you’ve noticed that your vacuum cleaner is making a much louder noise or operating at a different pitch, consider taking it into a repair service to get looked at. 

It produces a horrible smell

If your vacuum cleaner smells bad, it could be because there’s something in the bag/container that is causing it to stink. Emptying this could be a simple solution, but if the smell persists it could be a sign that there is an issue elsewhere – perhaps a dirt build-up or blockage somewhere. This may be an easy fix, but if your vacuum cleaner is quite old, it may be more sensible to just buy a new one.

New parts are hard to find

While you can keep repairing a vacuum cleaner instead of replacing it, there may come a point when parts stop being manufactured. Once parts become harder and more expensive to source, it’s usually the perfect time to look for a replacement. 

It overheats/trips the house

This is a sign that you should replace your vacuum cleaner immediately. If your vacuum cleaner overheats or trips your home’s electricity when you use it, it could be a sign that it has become dangerous to use. Avoid a fire breaking out by replacing your vacuum cleaner.


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