Choosing the Best Murphy Bed for NYC Studio Apartments

Choosing the Best Murphy Bed for NYC Studio Apartments

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Living in densely populated New York City, also known as NYC, means finding creative ways to use every square foot of space. One option is getting a Murphy bed for your studio apartments. These wall beds can be folded down for a makeshift sleeping area and folded up when not in use.

Choosing one is a tough decision. Let us help you get the perfect Murphy bed and add it to your NYC apartment with these tips:

Determine Your Space and Needs

Your apartment’s layout and personal needs are crucial factors in choosing which Murphy bed to get. Consider these parameters before diving into the processing of picking beds:

  • Usage: Think about how the bed will be used. If it’s the primary bed, prioritize ease of use and comfort since you’ll use it frequently. If it’s for a guest room for occasional guests, choose space-saving features rather than comfort.
  • Floor Plan: Measure the ceiling height, floor area, and wall space where the wall bed will be installed. These dimensions will tell you if installing wall beds is feasible. When you measure your wall to place the bed correctly, you won’t have to move furniture like dining tables more frequently when using the bed.
  • Functionality: Some Murphy beds have additional features, such as a desk or numerous storage areas. If you need these features, consider buying a bed with similar designs.

Types of Murphy Beds

Consider how each of these beds can complement your studio apartment:

Standard Vertical Murphy Bed

This bed is for rooms with high ceilings. The classic design neatly folds up into the wall vertically. It’s a more traditional bed setup with bookshelves or storage units on either side.

Murphy Bed with Desk

This bed is perfect for those working remotely. It’s a welcome and essential addition to your home office setup. The bed has a desk that folds down upon storing the bed. It’s your best option for maximizing the small space in your apartment and creating a distinction between work and downtime.

Horizontal Murphy Bed

This bed is for apartments with low ceilings or limited wall height. It folds horizontally into the wall and takes up less space while still providing a comfortable sleeping area.

Murphy Bed with Sofa

This bed is quite different from the others—a sofa stays in place when pulled down. Sofa beds are perfect if you want a living room and a bedroom at any time.

Material and Build Quality

The build of your Murphy bed will keep you safe and the bed durable. Solid wood or high-quality plywood is best for giving the bed a premium and durable look. It’s sturdy and long-lasting, saving you money with frequent maintenance and replacements.

Some Murphy beds also have metal frames that can be easier and lighter to operate. They add a modern touch to your apartment’s aesthetics.

Aesthetics and Style

The Murphy bed you should buy should complement the apartment’s décor aside from making it a guest bed or a media room. Popular finishes that match current furniture are matte, wood grain, and white.

Some manufacturers allow you to choose the finish and hardware, such as shelving or built-in lighting. To use the extra space in your apartment for other purposes, select a Murphy bed with shelves and cabinets for storing essentials.

Budget Considerations

Murphy beds are available at various prices. The affordable ones range from $1,000 to $2,500, while the more expensive ones cost as much as $5,000. Investing in a higher-quality Murphy bed may pay off with its durability and comfort.

If you want to stay on budget when buying a Murphy bed, you should consider:

  • The type of usage your bed will have. For frequent use, buy a high-quality Murphy bed. Choose a sturdy yet more affordable bed for a guest bedroom or just a simple area where guests stay.
  • Consider any additional features like shelving and built-in desks and lighting.
  • Research online or visit showrooms to compare brands and prices with each other. When looking for a Murphy bed online, read reviews and product descriptions to make sure you’re buying a legitimate one.
  • Set a range for the Murphy bed you want to buy.
  • Look for discounts and deals to make the most out of your money while spending less.


Choose a Murphy bed that’s easy to install, such as those from Lori Beds. These beds don’t need a complicated installation process—you can do it alone with a manual and simple hardware.

But if you think your apartment has existed for years, consult a professional to help you mount the bed securely. Some NYC buildings may have unique structural challenges due to their old age.

Choosing the Right Mattress

Getting the perfect Murphy bed isn’t complete without the mattress. When choosing one, consider which brand fits the bed frame upon folding it up. Test for comfort, especially if it will be used frequently. Choose a lightweight yet durable mattress that provides the right softness and support.

Parting Thoughts

Murphy beds are a perfect space-saver for your NYC apartment. Given the tiny spaces in these places, a Murphy bed can help you maximize every square footage to move around more comfortably. Understand what bed type and mattress you want and align it with your home aesthetic to make buying the bed worthwhile. Careful planning and purchasing from Murphy beds NYC retailers can ensure you’ll get the best and most stylish bed.


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