Awesome Ways to Add Extra Value to Your Modern Home

Awesome Ways to Add Extra Value to Your Modern Home

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Have you recently purchased a home? If you bought it as a pure investment, you will now be looking for ways to increase the value and ensure that you get a solid ROI. Even if you didn’t and you are planning on living in the property for at least a few years it is still worth taking steps to make sure that the home does increase in value. You should be doing what you can to add as much as possible to the property. By doing this when it is time to sell, you can make sure that you get a lot more than what you originally paid.

Before we go on, it is worth pointing out that there are two different main ways to change the value of your home. You can change the perceived value or the actual value. On this article, we’re going to mainly focus on the actual value but we’ll throw a few perceived value changes in for good measure too. The difference is most of the changes we talk about will change what your home is valued at on the market rather than the type of offer a buyer might be willing to put forward.

There are so many different possibilities to consider here it’s difficult to know where to start. To make the right decisions, you need to make sure that you are putting yourself in the shoes of the modern buyer.

Heating And Cooling

Comfort is a big requirement for the modern homeowner of today. They want to make sure that their home provides the right level of comfort all year around and there are a few ways to ensure that is the case.

Be aware that energy is also a top concern here. So, while a buyer wants a home to be a comfortable place to live they also want to make sure that the property is not burning through energy. This means that the home needs to be green friendly too.

A big issue with buying a fixer-upper, in particular, is that you’ll usually find that things like the boiler or the HVAC will be on their last legs. This can mean that they bleed through energy even through just one month. So, you might want to consider replacing these with new modern options on the market.

While it can be expensive to invest in new heating systems, it can be worth the cost. In the long term, you might actually save more money than you lose. Particularly, if you’re planning on living in the home for a while before you move. Who knows, this could even be the home that you are going to retire in. If so, you definitely want to keep those bills under control.

One of the things that people often forget about the heating and cooling systems is that they can also be an attractive add on to the property. This means that you can invest in beautiful fans available from sites such as These look stunning and provide a fantastic way to keep the cost under control. The aesthetic quality of this feature is sure to get a buyer to take notice and this is one example of the perceived value changes you can make. Of course, this will also impact the actual value so you’re really killing two birds with one stone here.

Alternate Energy

You may also want to think about the possibility of alternate energy. This is another way to address the issue of how to make sure that your home is green and great. Renewable energy is now making the leap to private homes across the country. It’s more affordable than ever and provides the perfect option for those individuals who are keen to make sure that they are cutting their energy bills in half. This isn’t the only benefit either.

Renewable energy for the home will typical mean solar panels. Solar panels are another aesthetic feature that makes the exterior of a property look absolutely tremendous. Once you invest in these, you will be delighted with the way your home looks from the stress. But what about the actual benefits? Well, depending on the climate you might find that home solar panels mean that you don’t need to use the grid at all through the summer months and that’s not even the only benefit.

You might have heard that solar panels are expensive. While they are certainly not cheap, these are a lot more affordable than they used to be. This is in large part thanks to subsidies offered by both. Do make sure that you research these options before you invest. Even if you don’t get a great deal here, you’ll still find that the solar panels pay for themselves in just a few years. They can be installed for as little as three thousand. You can find out more on

Improving Insulation

We’re still focusing on keeping things green and there’s no better way to do this than to check out the state of the insulation for your property. You need to make sure that warm air remains trapped and cold air can’t escape. More often than not, this is about the state of the windows in your home. Are you unsure whether you have an issue with the insulation in your property? Feel the air around the window. If there is a cold breeze, then there’s a strong chance it could do with an upgrade.

You should also look at the window and check for signs that the seal has gone. Usually, you will see condensation between the two panes of glass that can not be wiped away. If this is the case, then it’s definitely going to be time to invest in some new windows. Again, this type of investment may be expensive but it will ultimately pay for itself in no time. If you’re interested, you may want to checkout

A Little Landscaping

You do need to make sure that you are making your home exterior look absolutely gorgeous. Be aware that this is the first part of the home that a potential future buyer will see. It needs to send the right first impression whether in pictures or from the street. So, how do you introduce curb appeal here? Well, you can start by taking a look at a site like But it’s important to realize that modern gardens are not typically all green. There are plenty of ways to make the most of the space even if you don’t have a lot of grass or shrubbery. For instance, you could consider investing in a mosaic patio. This is certain to be an eye-catching possibility and guarantee that your home stands out from the rest of the street.

Another option to consider would be a beautiful water feature. A water feature will make your home look a little classy and even a touch ostentatious. It might attract the higher class of buyers that you have been searching for. Bare in mind, water features often require quite a lot of maintenance. So, if you’re not up to the task, it’s worth avoiding this option completely. Or, at the very least, look for a DIY choice that doesn’t require as nearly as much work.

A New Floor

If you are looking for a larger change that you can make to your property, you may wish to consider adding a new floor. Yes, we mean that literally with a loft or attic conversion. Experts believe that a change like this completed to a professional level can add as much as twenty-five percent onto the value of a home. That’s more than enough to ensure that you are getting a solid ROI. particularly when you consider that the job can actually be completed for about ten thousand.

Do think about whether you have the right type of space first. If you don’t then there’s a strong possibility that you’ll need more work. The key points to keep in mind is how much headroom there is and how easy the attic is to access. If there’s not a lot of headroom, then the sides of the roof may need to be straightened which is quite costly.

Fantastic Flooring

Last but certainly not least, you can consider changing the flooring of your property. The benefit here is that you will be able to ensure that the individual rooms of your home look absolutely fantastic. Flooring always gets a lot of attention and from marble to granite, there are a fantastic array of possibilities.

Now, you might be thinking that there’s no way you can afford to fit that type of flooring into your budget. That’s completely understandable and the answer is simple. You should consider investing in deluxe vinyl flooring. One of the benefits of this is that you can match the aesthetic of any flooring material you want and completely avoid the high price tag. Only an expert will be able to tell the difference and this is a great way to change the perceived value of your property.

We hope you find this advice useful when you’re working to make sure that you get a fantastic ROI on your property.



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