Remove These 10 Things for a More Comfortable Home

Remove These 10 Things for a More Comfortable Home

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Tired of feeling like your home is just a fancy storage unit for discomfort? Well, buckle up! It’s time to kick out some uninvited guests and habits that are making your sanctuary less cozy. Here’s a list of things to ditch if you’re serious about upping your home comfort game.

1 – Clutter: Less Stuff, More Space

Time to tackle the clutter. Each extra item you don’t need is just another thing your eyes and mind have to navigate around. Donate, sell, or trash the stuff you don’t use. Embrace the mantra: less mess, less stress.

2 – Stagnant Water: Bye-Bye, Mosquito B&B

Next on the chopping block: stagnant water. Nothing rolls out the red carpet for mosquitoes like a nice, unmoving puddle. Check your plant saucers, empty that birdbath weekly, and say goodbye to unintentional mosquito breeding grounds, maybe with the help of a good mosquito control service, at first, if things are bad. Your ankles will thank you.

3 – Old Bedding: Don’t Sleep on It

Still sleeping on that college mattress? It’s time for an upgrade. Invest in quality bedding for better sleep and fewer achy mornings. Your back will feel like it’s on vacation, and you won’t recoil in horror if you ever stumble upon an image of bed bugs.

4 – Harsh Lighting: Set the Mood Right

Ditch harsh, bright lights and switch to softer, warmer bulbs that make your living space feel like a cozy cave instead of an interrogation room. Your eyes (and every evening) will be a lot happier.

5 – Unused Gadgets: Kitchen Counter Culprits

Got gadgets on your kitchen counter you haven’t touched since the last Super Bowl? It’s time they find a new home. Clear your counters to make space for cooking and gathering, not just dust collecting.

6 – The Dreaded Junk Drawer

Everyone has one: the junk drawer. Its contents are often a mystery, even to the owner. Organize it or eliminate it. Finding scissors shouldn’t feel like an archeological dig.

7 – Outdated Magazines and Newspapers

Old magazines and newspapers doing the leaning tower of Pisa in the corner? Recycle them. If you haven’t read them by now, chances are you won’t. Keep your space current and clean.

8 – Window Grime: Let the Light In

Dirty windows can really dull your home’s sparkle. Wash them inside and out for a clearer view and more sunshine. More light equals more joy!

9 – Air Filters: Don’t Choke Up

Change your air filters regularly. It’s not just about the HVAC system efficiency; it’s about breathing easier. Plus, fewer allergens, fewer sneezes.

10 – Wardrobe Excess: If You Haven’t Worn It…

Finally, address your closet. Haven’t worn it in a year? Likely, you won’t wear it again. Donate or sell these items to clear up space and simplify your morning routine.

Making your home more comfortable doesn’t require a renovation—just some thoughtful removals. Toss out these discomforts and enjoy a lighter, brighter, and decidedly more comfy living space. So, what are you waiting for? Get removing!


Eric is the creator of At Home in the Future and has been a passionate fan of the future since he was seven. He's a web developer by trade, and serves as the Director of Communication and Technology for a large church in Nashville, TN (where he and his family are building a high tech home in the woods).