8 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Old House Behind

8 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Old House Behind

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Moving out? It’s like breaking up with an old friend—bittersweet, nostalgic, and you better make sure you’ve collected all your stuff before you say goodbye! Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, or just hitting the road for a new adventure, there are a few key moves you should make before handing over the keys. Here’s a fun rundown to ensure you leave your old pad on good terms.

1 – Do a Loving Supplies Checklist

First things first, don’t leave behind a barren wasteland. Ensure you leave the essentials like toilet paper, a few light bulbs, and perhaps some cleaning supplies – this essentials list from TexanBox has some good suggestions too. It’s like leaving a survival kit for the next homeowner—because nobody wants to move into a house and immediately run to the store for toilet paper.

2 – Reset Your Smart Home Devices

Got a smart home? Remember to reset all those gadgets. From your smart thermostats to door cameras, make sure you wipe their memories cleaner than your browser history. You wouldn’t want the new owners messing with your Netflix recommendations, would you?

3 – Patch and Paint

Did your art-covered walls leave behind a Swiss cheese landscape of nail holes? Grab some spackle and give those walls a quick makeover. A touch-up here and there with some leftover paint can make a world of difference. It’s like applying concealer on a home’s little imperfections.

4 – Deep Clean Like a Boss

Give your old house a good scrub-down. From the baseboards to the ceiling fans, make it sparkle. You want to leave the house looking like it’s ready for a magazine shoot—or at least not like it just hosted a frat party.

5 – Sniff Test

Do a final pre-moving walk-through with your nose. Does it smell like Fido or last year’s holiday dinner? Maybe invest in some air fresheners or a quick carpet steam clean. It’s always nice to leave the house smelling fresh, instead of like your old gym bag.

6 – Take Photos

Before you close the door one last time, take a few photos of each room. It’s helpful for security deposits or sale conditions, ensuring you have a record of the house’s final state. Plus, it’s a nice way to look back and reminisce about where you spilled wine and claimed it as a design feature.

7 – Say Goodbye to the Neighbors

Don’t forget to bid adieu to your neighbors. Whether you loved them or avoided them, a quick farewell is classy. Maybe share your new address, especially if you still want to receive their Christmas cookies.

8 – Leave a Note

Consider leaving a note with any helpful hints about the house that the new owners might appreciate. Where’s the main water shut-off? How do you coax the finicky kitchen sink into action? It’s like passing on the house’s secret handshake.

Moving out of your old house doesn’t have to be a drag. With a bit of preparation, a touch of cleaning, and some thoughtful gestures, you can make the transition smoother for everyone involved. Plus, it’s your last chance to make a good final impression—so make it count!


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