Using Summer Opportunities to Update Your Home

Using Summer Opportunities to Update Your Home

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We often feel how well-maintained our homes actually are in the midst of the winter. It’s hard to deny that your insulation might not be up to snuff when you’re freezing in your bed, for example. To this end, it’s important to use the warmer months, as they seem to be coming now, to upgrade your home.

There are many reasons for this. In summer, more work can take place at your property without you having to worry about the weather washing out construction work, and to ensure jobs are completed on a timeline you have planned already. Your home also looks much more beautiful in the summertime, and so you will be able to get the full picture both in planning and in the final result. Not only that, but during the summer you are generally happy to maintain the house, conduct yard work and consider how you might upgrade your lot. We couldn’t blame you. Let’s leave winter for the comfortable interior enjoyment, and spend the summer upgrading your exteriors.

Here’s what that might look like:

Roofing Work

Any roofing specialist will be able to tell you that when it’s raining or when freezing temperatures are present, they cannot conduct their work appropriately. We needn’t go into the reasons why, as they are likely obvious to anyone with a rational mind. It might be that you utilize the summer to finally upgrade your roofing felt, to replace your shingles, or to have previously damaged work repaired. Be sure to choose a reliable and accredited roofing contractor, because bad work or botched work can often lead to a range of hassles and headaches, and the need for renewed work which of course will mean you having to foot the bill twice.

While you’re here, it can also be worth getting two opinions and quotes at least, and give your roof enough time to be inspected by a professional. This way they may be able to find the hidden issue that caused your insulation to harden last time, or perhaps notice a nest being built by bats or wasps, which you will likely wish to move.

Garden Work

How better to honor the beauty of the summer and nature in its full glory than by gardening and paying attention to your green patch of land? It might be that you finally wish to hire a landscape architect to help you design the flow of the flower beds, where you may decide to plant trees, or simply how you might better allow the flow of the land to guide your decisions regarding installing a vegetable patch.

But working with greenery is hardly the only benefit to the summer. You may decide to embark on a fun project, such as constructing a wendy house for your children to play in, or purchasing a climbing frame for them to have fun on. You may also decide to finally choose the year in which to fully construct that stored trampoline, or swimming pool should the weather be nice. It might even be that this is the first time in your life where summer work is a viable concept, now that you own your first home. Why not install replacement windows so you can enjoy your work even from your interior? You might wish to install fences to secure your property, or work on a beautiful garden seating area for you to read in peace. It’s all up to you.

Your Driveway

The driveway can unfortunately remain one home implement that you use everyday, and yet you never feel necessary to update. If this is the case, one day part of the tarmac might fall away due to an overlong need for an improvement, or perhaps a jutting out brick can damage one of your tyres. These are extreme examples of course, and perhaps not worthy of taking too seriously, but the fact remains that using summer opportunities to improve your home might be a massive benefit, as it allows you to see where the issues could be here. Inspect your driveway heavily. Move your feet along certain elements of the ground to see how sturdy it is, or see where moss might have grown. Perhaps it’s in great shape. Perhaps some of it is cracked, or perhaps in need of another repair job.

In some cases, it might simply be that trimming the hedges, ensuring the front wall is constructed and that the wall is as sturdy as it used to be is cared for. But why only care for repairs? You may wish to place a light to guide against a wall you’ve come close to hitting when pulling into your drive from an awkward angle, or perhaps you wish to install a large front gate now that you have a dog to think about. Perhaps, even, you simply wish to install a newer, more visually pleasing mailbox and signage for your home. Whatever you feel most necessary is likely very appropriate.


It can be quite a nerve-wracking consideration to know that you’re going to extend your home. Not only does it make you consider your budget and timeline of potential success to a heavy degree, but time and time again you might worry about how you could complete this project in a manner that doesn’t cause great inconvenience to your life. Well, it depends on the size of your extension of course. It’s not likely that adding an entire wing to your home is going to be the case here, but a conservatory, a connector between your barn area and the property you have, or perhaps simply opening up into a larger office space?

It could all be possible. Extensions matter, and they can cause plenty of possible benefits, not to mention how the valuation of your home is sure to explode. If you plan this right and use the right services, completing a project like this before the autumn comes to its coldest point can be possible, providing you with the tools to feel complete in your new home.

With this advice, you’re sure to use the summer to your best home advantage.


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