First Look: Canary Security System

First Look: Canary Security System

A different take on home security.

No one likes their home security system… at least no one I know.

Although they’ve been around for decades, the typical home security setup hasn’t changed much over the years. Setup normally requires special wiring, the placement of ugly plastic boxes all over the house, and a user interface as elegant as an ATM. Worse still, they’re such a hassle that most people simply leave them off; a few false alarms and forgotten passcodes are all it takes to annoy instead of protect.

Canary is a new type of security device that aims to solve all of these problems with one little gadget.

Slightly larger than a soda can, Canary includes a wide array of environmental sensors, a siren, and a motion sensitive HD camera designed to alert you to life’s most common threats. Simply connect it to WiFi and place it in the most trafficked area of your house. Canary’s wide-angle lens will keep an eye on things and alert your smart phone when something goes amiss.

Canary claims to learn your behavior over time, eliminating false alarms and the annoyances that come with the typical system. When you receive a valid alert, you can sound the siren, call the police, and keep a recording of the activity for evidence or insurance purposes. It sounds extremely practical.

Canary is expected to be available this holiday season for a reasonable price of only $249 (no monthly fees required). I can’t wait to get one and put it through its paces!


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