Quirky+GE Introduce 8 New Wink Enabled Smart Home Products

Quirky+GE Introduce 8 New Wink Enabled Smart Home Products

Just hours after we took our first look at the awesome Wink Hub, the folks at Quirky have introduced 8 very interesting new smart home products to complement the rest of the Wink-compatible line up:

The Norm$80 – A sensor cluster and remote control designed to enhance the functionality of your thermostat.

The Tapt$60 – A smart wall switch for controlling your lights.

The Ascend$100 – A smart garage door monitor that allows you to control your garage from anywhere.

The Outlink$50 – A smart wall outlet that monitors your energy usage.

The Overflow$35 – A smart water sensor to detect moisture in flood prone areas (also the kind of product your dad would love).

The Tripper$40 – A two pack of window/door sensors that I’m EXTREMELY excited about (especially after the loss of Dropcam’s Tabs earlier this year). I’ll have more on this one soon.

The Spotter$50 – A relaunch of an awesome little motion sensor for all sorts of home automation triggers.

The Spotter UNIQstarting at $30 – A customizable version of the Spotter above, which I guess is useful if you don’t need every sensor included.

We hope to have more impressions of these shortly.


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