Rough Stones Create Humble Earthly Tones

Rough Stones Create Humble Earthly Tones

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This day and age, we love our stainless steel and glass. It’s minimalistic and many enjoy thin but strong metal used in their interior decor. The way the light shines through and bounces off modern tempered glass, no one can blame you for wanting a thin dining table made out of a single sheet. Steel is also everywhere, especially in the modern kitchen and dining room, as it’s stainless.

It’s nice to strive for a modern design, but what if you want a direct tie to the natural world? Are the natural elements of the earth playing a part in your interior decor? These materials hold a certain weight of calm and the ability to look and feel more real. They have a story to them, and they have been crafted with knowledge from centuries of tradition. Stone is by far the most interesting natural material that can be incorporated into your home.

Rough and humble

Driveways, pathways and our patios that lead onto the back garden are all too often made dull and lifeless. These parts of the home are purely practical and not necessarily for aesthetics. However, a rough and humble driveway, patio, or pathway in the garden can add a subtle grandiose nature to your home. Fieldstone is a brilliant and rough cut stone that comes in all different colors and textures. It can be smoothened and buffed to create a slippery surface or just coarsely shaped with sandpaper. It adds a strength to the home and authenticity that perhaps no other type of stone and material can.

Suave stone style

When guests come over to your home, it’s fun to show off your sense of style. A stylish stone coffee table can be a centerpiece that everyone talks about. It might be made out of special stones with an inlaid pattern, different colors, and even be made into an elemental mosaic. Yet, these tables can be slender and can remain functional (and not just as artistic piece). At first it might look primitive, but a bold choice like a stone table can add character to almost any room.

Stone floors can also be full of character and craftsmanship, fieldstone and flagstone being the two most popular choices. When you’re planning you next home or redesign, don’t look over stone as a great option to bring some of the outside inside.


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