Why Use More Wood in Your Home?

Why Use More Wood in Your Home?

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Forget plastics and fabrics and metals. Timber may be one of the most traditional materials, many homes still use it today for both construction, woodworking, and furnishings. This is because it’s such a well-rounded material in terms of its qualities. Here are just a few reasons why you should start using more wood in your home.

It’s got a good strength-weight ratio

There are materials out there that are more robust than wood and there are materials out there that are lighter than wood, but few materials have the strength-weight balance that wood has. It’s for this reason that wood is still used a lot in construction today – you can hold a building up with wood, but it’s also relatively easy to transport and work with as opposed to metal and concrete. It’s balance of weight and strength also makes it a good furniture material, particularly when it comes to outdoor furniture. Cast iron furniture may be sturdier, but it’s also a lot heavier and less easy to move around. Plastic outdoor furniture is often lighter, but it’s rarely ever as robust as good old-fashioned wood.

It’s easy to clean

Wood is also very easy to clean. It’s a popular material for flooring, countertops and tables for this reason. You can easily sweep a wooden floor or wipe dirt of a wooden chair, giving it the edge over carpets and fabric upholstery.

There are styles to fit every type of décor

When it comes to fitting in with a décor scheme, wood is also very versatile. Whether you’re decorating a period property or a modern property, wooden furniture will not look out of place. There are of course many types of style. Wood can be both hand-carved and ornate or minimal and industrial. Light woods meanwhile can fit a bright colour scheme whilst darker woods can help to blend in with darker colours. You can even paint woods to match a colour scheme.

There are styles to fit every budget

Some of the cheapest furniture is wood – this makes it great for people furnishing their home on a tight budget. However, at the opposite end of the spectrum, some of the most high-end and luxurious furnishings are also made of wood. If you’re looking for bedroom furniture with a sophisticated feel, you’re best opting for timber. Similarly, if you’re looking for something cheap and basic, wood is the material for you.

It’s natural and eco-friendly

Wood is a lot more environmentally friendly than other materials. It can be easily recycled and decomposes at a faster rate than other materials. This is because wood is a natural material and not something man-made. As a result of being natural, wood can often make people feel more connected to the outside world in their home. In this respect, it can be a very calming material as opposed to many synthetic materials.


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