Things to Do Before Selling Your Home

Things to Do Before Selling Your Home

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Whether this is going to be your first time selling a property or you’ve been through this a few times already, you’ll know that it can be both an exciting and stressful time. There’s a lot of practical and legal things to get organized before any money or keys can officially exchange hands, but the exciting part is that you’re getting to look for a brand new place.

If you want the sale and the move to go as smoothly as possible, then we’ve included some things you may want to do before selling your home that we’ve listed below.

Don’t get too emotional

Whilst it’s perfectly normal and expected that you’ll have formed an emotional attachment to your home – especially if you’ve experienced memories like bringing your children home from the hospital or other significant life moments there, and you should definitely be able to enjoy those memories and ensure you do something to take them with you to remind you of the house. However, if you’re trying to sell it, then you’ll need to find a way to not let them overtake you because this could cause you to second guess yourself and perhaps unintentionally self-sabotage any opportunities to sell.

Choose a realtor you trust and like

Most realtors can talk a good game, but there’s a difference between talking a good game and actually being good at the job, and it’s important to not allow yourself to be overly charmed or caught up in this. When it comes to working with a realtor to sell your house, it’s okay to shop around and meet with several before making your decision. Just be assertive and honest with them about this and not let yourself be talked into working with someone who you don’t particularly warm to, but feel too guilty to say no to. Gut instinct should always be followed and will show you who you like and trust.

Gather all the necessary paperwork

Paperwork is probably the least exciting aspect of buying or selling a house, but having it all in order is definitely going to make things a lot easier. Not just when dealing with lawyers, but also if your potential buyers have any questions about the structural aspects of the house or the land, you’ll be able to give them this information if you have the right paperwork.

Carry out any final repairs or renovations

As well as being able to add value to your house and increase how much you can sell it for, preparing to put your home on the market is the perfect time to get any remaining repairs or renovations done so that potential buyers will find it more appealing if less work has to be done. Things like giving the living room a new floor, glossing around the windows to brighten them up, or even calling a plumber to finally fix that leaky bathroom sink are all things that should be taken care of before you sell.

Get it ready for viewing

First impressions count, and never is this more true than when viewing a potential property to buy, so make sure your house is viewing ready and looking its best. Yes, people will know you live there, but they don’t need to see your wet towels in the bathroom or the bed unmade that you just got out of, or your breakfast dishes all over the sink. Spend some time giving the place a spring clean and declutter before showing it off to potential buyers.


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