Valid Ways to Prove You’re a Trustworthy Seller

Valid Ways to Prove You’re a Trustworthy Seller

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The house is up for sale and you want to close it out as quickly as possible. There are lots of ways to garner attention, but the secret is to instill trust in the buyer. A person isn’t going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the off-chance the property and the seller is legitimate. Even with a retro fireplace and a garden, it’s a massive risk.

Proving that you’re not going to be dodgy is difficult because prospective homeowners are skeptical. Still, it’s not impossible if you understand their thought processes. Here are four things on which to concentrate.

The Exterior

Before two words are spoken, the viewers will have judged the house. Properties that are messy and cluttered are instantly going to make the buyers a little worried. If it’s like that on the outside, what’s the inside going to look like? Even when it’s spotless, they’ll think “there’s something they are hiding here.” Services from A+ Soft Wash will get the outside of the house looking brand new within hours. Plus, mowing the lawn and removing the clutter always helps. Once the crib has curb appeal, you won’t have to convince viewers that the property is for them.

The Price

They look around and like what they see and ask for the cost. The agent tells them and they consider it for a few moments. Then, they say “thank you; we think about it” and leave. On the way out, there see a for sale on the neighbor’s lawn and clock the value: it’s $5,000 less than yours. Straight away, they’ll think you’re trying to take them for a ride by bloating the price, and they’ll never trust a word you say. Always take other properties into the vicinity before settling on an amount, and be open too. Tell them why yours is extra, for example, the spare room or additional bathroom and garage combo.

The Survey

A home survey is always a bone of contention because it feels like a trap. Either you or the bank or the realtor is passing it off to a friend who fudges the details. While this is hardly ever the case, it’s how buyers think during the selling process. A simple way to get them on board is to let them choose a surveyor. Of course, you’ll hire one too without telling them to get a second opinion, yet they don’t have to know. Most people will assume you’re open and transparent, which you are to a point.

The Extras

As a rule, there are always extras which are added on top of the price at the end. To a buyer, it’s a massive deal because it could add $1,500 to the final amount. Although it has nothing to do with you – property taxes, agent fees, etc. – it’s wise to tell them about it beforehand. That way, no one is blindsided when a big, fat check comes in the mail and you won’t get blamed.

Finally, be bold and confident and warm. Body language says a lot about a person, especially one selling their home.



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