Dangers in the Home You Didn’t Know About

Dangers in the Home You Didn’t Know About

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You don’t think of your home as being unsafe. It’s place you go to at the end of the day to relax and feel secure. However, the home can be full of unknown dangers that surprise people when they least expect it. Most of these dangers are avoidable if you know about them. Here are some dangers in the home you may not know about.

Blind Cords

The seemingly innocent tool to turn blinds from closed to shut can be very dangerous. Unfortunately, there are too many stories where children have become tangled in blind cords and seriously hurt themselves. If you’ve got young children, especially toddlers, put the blind cords out of reach. Thankfully, many companies are now offering cordless blinds which are a lot safer when there are children and animals around the home.

Tumble Dryer Lint

Likely one of the last things you’d assume to be dangerous in your home, tumble dryer lint could tear your whole house down. Did you know that a build up of lint in the tumble dryer can cause a fire? If the lint filter isn’t emptied every day, the heat from the dryer can cause the build up to set alight. Always empty the filter before use and never leave the dryer on unattended. Many people have left the house or left the dryer on overnight to come back to flames.

Electromagnetic Fields

There are certain things that we can be completely unaware of in our homes. Electromagnetic fields is just one example. EMF radiation can come from things like your television, your microwave and Wi-Fi devices. These are things that are usually in regular use, so knowing more about EMF and EMF protection is important. It can affect yours and your family’s health because we are so dependent on these technologies that we are constantly in contact with this form of radiation.

Air Freshener Sprays

It’s hard to avoid toxins and chemicals because they’re in a lot of the products we use every day. From shampoos and body wash to perfume and makeup, there isn’t much that’s completely natural anymore. However, if you want to avoid the really bad stuff, steer clear of air freshener sprays. They contain a chemical called Phthalates that has been linked to reproductive problems in animals and banned in several US states because of the chance of causing developmental problems in children.


We all know to keep medications out of the reach of children, but we never think about keeping them safe from adults. There are so many reported cases of adults taking medications that haven’t been prescribed to them. Perhaps there’s a strong painkiller one member of the family was prescribed- what’s the harm when another member of the family is in pain, right? If the medication wasn’t prescribed to you, you should never take it. When medications aren’t in use, they should be disposed of in the proper way.

Always think about potential dangers in the home to make sure it’s safest place for you and your family.



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