Creating a Home That Serves You

Creating a Home That Serves You

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Your home is meant to be the place that shelters and nurtures you, and it’s the place you can feel the most relaxed and comfortable throughout the day. And because of that innate functionality of the four walls around you, you should be working to make sure your home serves you as much as possible.

Sure, you’ve just cleaned out the dining room, and you don’t want to have to clean it out again before next week, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to use the room how you want! With that in mind, let’s think about how make this idea more of a living reality.

Your home has all the right aesthetics, but does it accommodate you as much as it should? 

Keep the Things That Make You Happy

When it comes to creating a home that makes you happy, and makes you feel rested and healthy while you look around it, you’re going to need to hold onto the things that make you feel joy in your day to day life. We’ve all heard those ideas about clearing clutter out of your life, and being as happy as can be with a minimalist approach to your surroundings – but all in all, if you like the ‘clutter’ that litters your bookshelf, keep it!

Buy a New Mattress

Your bedroom is going to be one of the main focal points in your house, seeing as it’s the place you sleep and wake up and feel refreshed and ready to go about your day in the morning. Not to mention it’s where all your clothes and lotions are, and you can have a real pampered day just staying in there for 24 hours alone!

But is your bedroom as comfortable as it should be? Does it have a dual purpose, such as being used to foster your remote working schedule too? Well, now’s the time to do yourself a favor and change that! You can start small by changing your mattress. It’s recommended to buy a new one every 8 years, but there’s nothing like looking up a ghostbed review right now to see if that kind of mattress would suit you! It’s a self indulgent moment you can freely take, to make sure you’ve got the right space around you to foster a healthier lifestyle.

Allocate Spaces Accordingly

Speaking of finding the right space, make sure you’ve got parts of your home that have specific uses to them. For example, the office at the back of the house is where you work, not where your son plays video games. Or the dining room is the place for eating and having fun as a family, not to be covered in the clutter of office papers. It’s a simple idea that’ll go far.

A home that serves you is one that makes sure you’re living as conveniently and easily as possible; you want to be happy and healthy in the rooms around you.


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