Creating the Entryway of the 21st Century

Creating the Entryway of the 21st Century

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Do you remember the Jetsons?

The Jetsons’ home is still a dream in the 21st century. Ultimately, the cartoon explores the hypothesis of a tech-centered life at a time when technology was often misunderstood.

Nowadays, we know that the utopian world in which the Hanna-Barbera family exists puts a dystopian twist on the future of humanity. Indeed, the only reason why everyone lives in the sky is because the ground isn’t safe anymore. The Jetsons’ society has chosen to sacrifice the lower layers of society for the happiness of only a few. Knowing this encourages you to redefine your expectations of the modern home! When it comes to the future, the priority is to enhance modern look and features without putting the rest of people at risk – unlike the Jetsons!

Your entryway is a compact experience of your home, and as such, it should be the place where you can start to build your positive, un-Jetsons-like, futuristic influence.

A safe arrival even before you get inside

The sole purpose of a home is to provide safety. The first people who designed rudimentary huts in prehistoric times were looking for protection from wild animals, from the elements, and also from enemy tribes. While a modern home offers a level of comfort that our ancestors never dreamed of, it should also remain consistent with the primary function of your habitation: Your entryway needs to support your safety. Homeowners have a choice of solutions nowadays to implement even outside their home, facing the front door in an effort to monitor suspicious activities in real time. A surveillance camera that can offer streaming options is the ideal addition to your entrance. Additionally, your camera should be more than an eye. It needs a smart algorithm to be in a position to warn you when there is a real danger outside – instead of sending alert notifications when it catches wind-blown leaves on camera. Secured above the entry door (keep the futuristic appeal with entry iron doors which offer a high level of protection against intruders), the camera can stream everything to your smartphone.

Walking on a grandiose stage

Your entryway is likely to be the place that accumulates the highest volume of passage. Between children going out to play in the garden and guests visiting for dinner, it’s fair to say that you need to keep your entrance looking pristine despite the heavy footfall. One word of advice before you make any decor decision: A carpet is never the right solution. Indeed, carpets are likely to get muddy on rainy days and to lose their cozy thickness within a few months. If you want to wow your guests without worrying about your maintenance schedule, you need to look for flooring solutions that can take the pressure such as concrete interior floors. Indeed, concrete offers a variety of decorative options that can echo the most luxurious rug and tile entrances, without any of the maintenance efforts!

Mirror on the wall, who is visiting today?

As a rule of the thumb, entryways can often be dark. Indeed, your entrance is often a small room that might not receive much direct light. As a result, it can make the house feel uncomfortable and unwelcoming. However, you can tackle the issue with simple decor changes. First of all, a large mirror is an excellent addition to the space, as it reflects the light. More importantly, it can add a new dimension to a restrained room, which encourages your guests to relax. For a quirky feel, it’s also a good idea to combine a mirror with a piece of art. The reflection maximizes the focal point, projecting the painting or the portrait in most directions in the entryway.

A rack or a wardrobe?

You’ve probably familiar with the standing coat hanger that is used in most households. However, the future is for practical solutions that enhance the space and integrate smoothly to your interior style. Modern rack designs can make the usually dull and functional item an exquisite piece of your decor. If you don’t want a rack, you can introduce an elegant narrow wardrobe that keeps your coats hidden from sight.

Should I remove my shoes?

One of the most common questions guests ask in the entryway is whether they should take their shoes off. As a host, you need to keep the space clear, and tackle potential worries. Indeed, nobody likes to find their way in the middle of a sea of shoes. If you want to encourage your guests and household to remove their shoes, you need to offer practical storage alternatives. A minimalist grid gives a modern feel to shoe rack and is ideal for heels. A large basket keeps everything in one place and makes it easy for everyone to hand their shoes over!

The colors to hide the tech

It would be foolish to assume that you can keep your entryway neutral. You need to think of it as a compact overview of your home. Your foyer needs a color palette that brings everything together. Indeed, to function as a unit, you need to create the perfect transition into your home. The addition of an accent wall gives a focal point, especially if it works alongside a piece of art. Additionally, painted walls can take the attention away from the smart tech you can find in the entrance.

The IoT in the foyer

Your home is a smart home, and as such you need to upgrade your entryway accordingly. A video intercom lets you engage with unexpected visitors without requiring to open the front door. You want secure package storage just outside the door with a smart padlock to make sure that you never miss any delivery!

Your entryway is a place that is designed to protect your safety and to invite guests inside your home. Using the best of modern tech and minimalist decor, you can create a space that maximizes your comfort while maintaining your connection to the outside world. Unlike the Jetsons, you want your entryway to offer a positive insight into your life.


Eric is the creator of At Home in the Future and has been a passionate fan of the future since he was seven. He's a web developer by trade, and serves as the Director of Communication and Technology for a large church in Nashville, TN (where he and his family are building a high tech home in the woods).

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