Preparing Your Home for a Smart Kitchen

Preparing Your Home for a Smart Kitchen

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Of all the different rooms in our home that could benefit from a smart upgrade, the kitchen seems like one of the lowest priorities. Some would argue that our kitchens aren’t in need of many smart upgrades because cooking is something that often requires a lot of experience and creativity and isn’t something that can be heavily affected by a digital upgrade. However, there are plenty of smart appliances and features that you can add to your kitchen, so here are a couple of ways to prepare your home for a smart kitchen revamp.

Consider how digital appliances can change the way you use the kitchen

There are a couple of ways to think differently about how you use your kitchen so that you can utilize digital systems, and here are a couple of examples:

  • Using a smart fridge with a screen to post family alerts, messages and schedule outings
  • Using a screen or tablet interface to look at recipe videos while you cook along with them
  • Using a voice-controlled hub system to set timers, remind you of cooking times and control the lights
  • Using smart digital cooking tools and appliances that open up new ways to make meals, such as a sous-vide machine
  • Using an internet-of-things system to connect with various kitchen appliances such as turning on the coffee machine from your phone or sending cooking alerts to your phone

As you can see, there are many different ways to use digital appliances and smart technology in your kitchen. These can be very beneficial to your way of life and they will either save you a lot of time or open up new cooking possibilities.

Start by remodeling your kitchen to fit with the rest of your home

If you’ve already converted other parts of your home into a smart home then you may want your kitchen to follow in the same design and theme. For instance, changing out the colors for a more neutral palette or even going as far to replace your appliances with smart ones if they’re old and in need of a refresh. If you’re going to remodel then you should include the costs of smart appliances like fridges and stovetops in your kitchen remodeling cost. Smart modern appliances can cost quite a lot but older kitchen appliances cannot be retroactively fit with smart devices unlike your heating system, television or lights, so it’s well worth the investment. When you need home remodeling services, contact KBF Design Gallery.

Thinking of your kitchen as a social hub

It’s become common in house layout design to have an open-plan kitchen that merges with the living room, thus creating a social space for family and friends to relax. This same logic can be applied to your kitchen if you are unable to convert into an open-plan kitchen. You can then think of your kitchen more as a social hub and mix smart kitchen appliances with living room appliances such as connecting a regular television into a smart television with the help of a digital media player such as a Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV.


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