Five Things Every Bathroom Needs

Five Things Every Bathroom Needs

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A bathroom is a place for most households where you can pamper yourself and spend a little time giving yourself some much-needed self-care. So to create this wonderful paradise in your own home, here are five things every bathroom needs.

A Rainfall Shower

Rainfall showers have since become very popular over the past few years because of many hotels introducing this luxurious way of showering. Anyone who experiences this type of life-changing shower will never want to go back to a standard showerhead, so if you have the ability to do so, a rainfall shower is definitely a must for the bathroom. You could fix it to come off the wall or even to come directly from the ceiling depending on the plumbing situation. Always get a professional in unless you’re a plumber yourself.

Bath Caddy

When it comes to the shower or bath, we can certainly be divided in our preferences. If you enjoy a bath, however, then no bath is complete without a bath caddy. A bath caddy is a tray that sits on top and across the width of the bath for you to rest any items you want to use during your relaxation. Perhaps to prop up a book to read or your tablet to watch a Netflix series on. Or maybe to have a glass of wine and a candle for the ultimate pampering atmosphere.


A bathtub is never a harm to your bathroom decoration. A bathtub can instantly change the whole look of your bathroom. You can put different types of bathtubs according to the theme of your bathroom. You can put a vintage-style bathtub or modern freestanding tubs to give the modern sleek look. Placing the correct elements skillfully can transform your bathroom making it more classy and luxurious.


Vanity is something we all have, and mirrors are very much needed to check your appearance when you wake up or whenever you use the bathroom. It stops you from going out in public with toothpaste around your mouth or panda eyes caused by mascara left on your lashes while you showered. The best ones are mirrors with LED strip lights in them to provide a bit of extra illumination for all your grooming needs.

Plenty Of Storage Space

Storage space is something that’s needed throughout the home, but it’s also required in the bathroom. You may want to get some custom vanities so that they can provide that much-needed space in the bathroom to store all your lotions and potions away out of sight. You don’t want them cluttering up your space, so bathroom cabinets are definitely worth investing in. These cabinets are also versatile to keep secure toilet papers, magazines, and other bathroom essentials; shop now and find the best suitable range of new and eco-friendly bamboo papers.

A Heated Towel Rack

Heated towel racks are heavenly, especially during the winter. Even after a hot shower, during winter, it can still feel like you’re stepping out into a refrigerator. So it’s a good option to have a designated, heated towel rack to provide you with warm, fluffy towels. It’ll maintain that good morning mood that you had before stepping into the shower, and it’ll give you a great start or end to your evening as you envelop your body in warmth.

The bathroom is a place to indulge and to look after yourself, so ensure that your bathroom has all of these things. It’ll provide you with a lot of happiness and you’ll find yourself spending a lot more time in it than out of it.


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