Sleep Better with These Five Home Improvements

Sleep Better with These Five Home Improvements

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There are lots of ways to improve your sleep quality. Making a few improvements to your home could be one way of getting a better night’s sleep – such improvements could help to make your home a more calming and relaxing environment. Here are just five improvements to consider.

Invest in a new mattress

The comfort of your mattress can have a big impact on your sleep quality. This depends a lot on your personal preferences. Some people like a firm mattress that offers a lot of support. Other people like a soft mattress that they can sink into. Nowadays, there are hybrid mattresses that offer a hard spring support and a layer of memory foam to offer both firmness and softness – many people find these to be a great option, but they are expensive. You can shop around for comfortable mattresses online. Make sure to consider delivery options – you may need help getting your mattress into your home.

Buy some blackout curtains

Many people find it easier to sleep in total darkness. If your bedroom faces the morning sun or you have streetlights outside your room, it could be affecting your ability to sleep – such lights can reduce the ability to produce melatonin. Regular curtains may not stop all the light getting in, so you’re better off buying blackout curtains. Other options could include blinds or shutters. Measure your window up so that you can buy a size that fits the entire window.

Add some houseplants to your room

Houseplants can in fact help with sleep quality. They help to purify the air and provide a fresh source of oxygen that calms us down. Some plants can even release sleep-inducing scents – a few examples include lavender, jasmine and chamomile. Your local gardening centre may have some of these plants. Make sure to place these somewhere that receives enough light during the day.

Use calming colors

The color scheme of your bedroom could also make an impact on your ability to sleep. Certain colors like blues, greens and greys can have a calming effect. Reds, oranges and yellows meanwhile have the opposite effect – they tend to energize people and could be a better choice for the living room or kitchen.

Upgrade your heating/air conditioning

Having the right temperature in your home is also important when getting a good night’s sleep. Modern smart HVAC systems can be put on timers or triggered to come on when the air temperature reaches a certain level, all of which can be controlled remotely from your phone – it could be worth upgrading to one of these systems. If you don’t want to use unnecessary energy to heat up your entire home, simply turn off the ducts/radiators in rooms that you don’t want to heat. Another option could be to use a portable HVAC unit in your bedroom, although this could in fact be more expensive to run.


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