Smart Home Upgrades for Families

Smart Home Upgrades for Families

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Smart homes are making big changes to family life. Whether you’re interested in a smart home to make life easier, to lessen your environmental impact or just because you want to live in a cool, futuristic home, there are some great changes that can improve family life. Whether you make small changes by buying the best gadgets, to set up your whole home for smart technology with the help of a remodelling contractor, smart life can be the best way for families. 

Smart Speakers

The most popular smart speaker options are Google Home and Amazon Echo, but any smart speaker with a built-in assistant can be a great option for families. You can connect up devices all around your home.

Smart speakers can answer children’s simple questions as a homework aid, by asking for the answers to history questions, spelling confusion or even basic math equations. They can also offer entertainment for the family with games, or amuse the kids with silly options like pop culture quotes and even an Alexa skill that makes fart sounds. Most smart speakers can even create personalized bedtime stories for a fun twist on bedtime.

You can also use your smart speaker to send messages to devices in other rooms; great for calling the kids downstairs for dinner or to start getting ready for school without having to shout up the stairs! 

Smart Bulbs

Is your little one scared of the dark? Try a smart bulb to help them to feel more comfortable at night. You can fit a smart light bulb which will give off a soft light to comfort a scared child. With the smart settings, you can set the bulb on a timer, so the light doesn’t have to stay on all night once the children are asleep. 

Sleep Aids

Many children struggle with bedtime. Make bedtime less of a battle with a smart device aimed at helping little ones to fall asleep. There are many devices that allow you to set up soothing routines of lights, sounds and music to help children drift off to sleep. Many also double up as nightlights, sleep recorders and walkie talkies so the kids can call you when they need y0u during the night without having to get up. 

Use a smart speaker to play relaxing sounds to help them drift off and use the recording options to keep an eye on how they’re sleeping. You’ll be able to track regular disturbances to their sleep and tackle any problems. 

Security Cameras

Fit smart cameras to keep your family safe. You can put up an outdoor camera that will allow you to keep an eye on the kids while they’re playing outside, and watch in real time inside in case of accidents. 

Security cameras around the home that you can access from your phone can also give your peace of mind when you’re out and about or on holiday, as you’ll be able to see what’s happening and be immediately alerted to any break-ins. 


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