The Various Ways Tech Can Make Home Care Easier

The Various Ways Tech Can Make Home Care Easier

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Smart tech has done a lot for homeowners. Not only can it help you keep your home secure, it can also help you maintain it and keep it clean. If you’ve already got a busy job and upwards of 4 rooms to tidy, there’s a lot of work taken off your plate! 

Technology has come a long way in the house and home sector. No longer do you have to rely on a plug in vacuum or a steamer to keep your curtains clean and pressed. And thanks to the use of composite building materials, most people don’t even need to check the condition of their roof tiles anymore either. 

If you want help keeping your house clean and tidy, why not invest in some of the tech we’ve listed down below? Cutting down on the time it takes to take care of your home is the best way to free up some ‘me time’ on the weekends!

Turn the Vacuum on and Let it Work

No longer do you need to use the vacuum manually. You can buy a robot vacuum to get the work done for you. Pop it down, turn it on, and then leave it to do the job. 

Sure, your carpet may take a bit longer to be cleaned as the robot takes time ensuring it’s sucked up all the crumbs, but you’ll no longer have to think about the task. For many homeowners, it’s this mental load that really gets you down! 

And it’s not just the carpet or any rugs that will benefit from the use of robot technology. You can also buy robotic mops to clean kitchen tiling, lino, and hardwood flooring too. 

You won’t even have to worry about the varnish on any of these getting scratched either, which can be hard to monitor if you’re cleaning by hand. After all, many people can make the mistake of pressing too hard or using a mop that’s too dry, leading to scratches and gaps in this protective layer. 

Use a Humidifier to Tackle Dust

Humidifiers are great for lifting the burden of dust off your shoulders. Plug one into a socket in any room and let it run for a couple of hours, then check back later and you’ll have a much cleaner and drier room. 

This is especially good in the bathroom or laundry room, if you have the latter. These areas suffer from a lot more dry skin and dust mite clouds, thanks to the nature of the appliances that work within them. You may not even notice the work a humidifier is doing in the moment,  but after a couple weeks of use, you’ll see that your house is cleaner than ever before. 

Although, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: a humidifier won’t get rid of all dust or stop dust from building up at all. A humidifier is good for getting rid of excess moisture and miniature particles floating in the air, a lot of which settles on bookshelves and coffee tables, but it’s not a permanent solution. 

You’ll still need to get the duster out from time to time, but you won’t have to do so anywhere near as often. 

Power Washing Solves Garden Hygiene Issues

The garden is the hardest part of the home to keep clean. After all, it’s exposed to the elements on a daily basis and who knows what could be blown in and out of your lawn? 

Having a shed to keep tools and spare plant pots in is only half the battle. The other half is trying to keep the deck clean and dry, the lawn neatly mowed and watered, and the yard free of moss, grime, and even pet droppings. 

However, this will no longer be a problem if you invest in a power washer or a power washing service – a company like Vortex Pro Wash could be the perfect fit for you. No matter what you choose, if you’ve got a power washer on your side you’re going to get rid of the dirt within minutes. 

You won’t be down on your hands and knees scrubbing down wood, concrete, or slate; you can save the health of your back using equipment like this too. 

You can also use a power washer on your home’s exterior too. Of course, be sure to keep exposure to the water stream to a minimum – vinyl siding can be at unique risk of breaking down if pressure washing is applied too liberally. 

Ask Alexa (or Google)

If you find it hard to remember the amount of things you have to clean, get a smart assistant to help you out. You can ask both Alexa and the Google Assistant to list off the tasks you’d like to get done, as well as search the web for tips on cleaning hard stains, and even order supplies you’ve run out of. All you need to do is use your voice. 

Of course, you’ll need to make sure your assistant is connected to the internet and has your card details saved, which can be a bit nerve wracking if you like to keep these details to yourself. 

However, you can always get your smart assistant to save everything you want to buy until later, so you can complete the order in your own time. 

Most Appliances Have Cleaning Sensors Attached

Most recently released appliances, that is. Newer models of the cleaning equipment we know and love tend to have infrared sensors built in, meaning they can accurately sense the level of dirt in the thing you’re currently cleaning. 

If you’re cleaning a deep shag carpet, for example, the Dyson v15 detect model vacuum has the power to sense even the smallest of dirt particles and let you know if the item is really clean or not. If there’s a lot more to suck up, more power is diverted towards the vacuum head to ensure as much as possible is picked up as you run the vacuum over it. 

If you’re always worried about germs lurking below the surface, this is definitely something to invest in! Your home becomes twice as clean with the same amount of effort, which is what we really want to see from the current generation of cleaning tech. 

A UV Light Can Kill Bacteria

Do you use UV light around your home to keep things clean, even outside of what the eye can see? If you don’t, you’re not going to be the only one. You probably use anti bacterial wipes and/or a spray instead, which is very common and works very well. Indeed, these cleaning materials tend to be a lot more accessible as well. 

However, if you double up on these two items and use them in tandem, your kitchen counters or your bathroom toilet seat can be truly, safely clean. UV lights, often known as sanitizers, made specifically for cleaning can be bought from any good home store, or you can find a version on Amazon. 

UV light has its uses in the modern home. If you haven’t had a deep clean done in a while, make sure you keep this in mind. 

Even a Dishwasher Works Better These Days

The humble dishwasher has made keeping your house clean easier for decades now. For the past 10 years or so, they’ve done more of the bulk washing up tasks than you’d even be aware of. 

It’s true! In fact, you don’t need to rinse something off before you put it in the dishwasher. You need to dump any excess food into the trash, of course, but you don’t need to rinse. If you do so you might just waste more water, as the dishwasher is another appliance made with sensors that detect just how much dirt there is. 

Let it take care of the whole job for while you sit down! 

Want a Clean House? Invest in Some Smart Devices!

If you want a cleaner house without having to put in too much effort, make sure you invest in some tech that can help out. You can keep each room in your house a lot tidier without needing to spend half as much time dusting, vacuuming, or wiping down surfaces. 

In the US, the average household spends around $169.83 per month on cleaning supplies, some of which accounts for laundry too. In the current economy, that’s a lot to spare each month, especially if you’re already living close to the budget. 

But if you invest in tech you can use over the long term, you can cut down this total cost by around 30% to 40%. It could even be a lot cheaper to buy equipment for your house than it is to hire a cleaner on a weekly basis!

So keep the above ideas in mind the next time you’re worried about the state of your home. You’re not doing a bad job keeping it clean, but things could always be easier. 


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