Walls Feeling Empty? Here Are a Couple of Decorating Suggestions

Walls Feeling Empty? Here Are a Couple of Decorating Suggestions

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Whether you’re currently renovating your home or are trying to redecorate for the festive season, one of the most challenging tasks is finding ways to fill an empty wall. A lot of people simply leave their walls bare. While it can look neutral and modern in some ways, having some decorations on the wall is a fantastic way to add a bit of color and a touch of style to your home. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can spice up your home with some wall decoration suggestions.

Your child’s artwork

If you’ve got an empty wall in the house, then why not dedicate it to your child’s artwork if they’re a budding artist? It’s a great way to give them a place to showcase their latest creations and you can even give them a dedicated place to draw and paint all over the walls without too many repercussions!

Your own artwork

But if your child isn’t much of an artist, then why not hang up your own artwork and creations? This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase what you’re capable of if you’re an artist or photographer.

Frame and hang photographs

One of the most common ways to decorate your walls is to frame and hang photographs. Whether it’s photos of your travels, family members or even good times with your friends, there are plenty of ways to personalize your walls with past memories and experiences.

Reserve a wall for your travels

Dedicating a wall to your travels is a wonderful way to show off the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done. This usually involves some kind of shelf where you can put all kinds of trinkets and souvenirs that you’ve picked up.

Giant mirrors

If your rooms are feeling a little dull and dark then you may want to consider covering a wall with a huge mirror. This will help reflect light around the room and make it seem brighter, especially at certain times of day when sunlight can reach your room.

Big decorative letters

Be it your initials, a special date or a meaningful word in your life, you can get some large wooden letters to hang or stick to your wall to create a unique message. There are plenty of different applications for attaching letters to a wall, but it’s often used to personalize your home and add a sentimental or cool touch to your decor.

Inspirational quotes and sayings

If big letters aren’t enough for you, why not consider a vinyl sticker with an inspirational quote or saying?

Consider wainscot paneling

Wainscot paneling is an elegant solution to add some simple patterns on half of your wall. A lot of people consider it to be a decorative trim and it can look wonderful if it fits your home’s color scheme and overall decor theme.

Posters of things you love

One of the simplest ways to cover up a bare wall is to put posters of things you love. If it’s part of your overall decor arrangement then we suggest framing it beforehand, but if it’s something simple such as a poster of a movie, then it’s generally reserved for a bedroom or study.

Set up a statement wall

A statement wall is a wall in your home that is reserved for something big and extravagant. Maybe it’s a wall that you and your family are free to scribble and graffiti on, or maybe it’s a rainbow-colored wall that contrasts the rest of your neutral home.

Shelves for extra storage

If you need storage, why not add some extra shelves? You can even consider adding some DIY shelves made from scrap wood or baskets.

Hangers for a collection

Whether you collect trainers, hats or even belts, consider putting up a couple of hangers to show off a collection of your favorite goods.

Keep it simple

Sometimes, a clock and a lamp are all you need to create a minimal wall with few distractions. This is great if the rest of your home is minimalistic, but doesn’t work if the rest of your home is heavily decorated.

There are countless different things that you can decorate your walls with. We suggest taking a look at websites such as Pinterest for inspiration on how you can decorate your walls. It’s a good idea to experiment and try different things, but you also don’t want to get too crazy and make your home look outrageous.


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