8 Ways to Avoid Boring Decor Faux Pas

8 Ways to Avoid Boring Decor Faux Pas

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Boring decor faux pas, you could say, are all down to the person looking at them. Everybody has a different style and taste, so something that you love may not necessarily be something that everybody else loves.

Decor is highly personal, but there are some tricks here that you can use to help you to avoid making any boring decor faux pas. If you want to wow your guests, and even yourself when in your home, use the advice below. 

Incorporate Lots Of Patterns That You Like

If you like patterns, don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your decor. They are great on cushions, curtains, and even your furniture if you’re brave enough. But how do you make this look Pinterest worthy, rather than like you’ve just thrown anything together? 

  • Choose three patterns to start with (odd numbers are better)
  • Use one pattern around 60%
  • Use another pattern 30%
  • Use the last pattern 10%

The above formula nearly always works! 

Create A Layout That Makes Sense

Your lay out absolutely must make sense. You should be able to make your way through the home easily, without anything getting in your way. You should also be able to use the house as you want to – for instance, a social seating area. 

One tip that just about anybody can use is pulling the furniture away from the wall. Pushing it against the wall is lazy and doesn’t always create ‘more space’ like most homeowners believe. 

Add Your Favorite Colors 

Incorporate your favorite colors. Look up the moods of colors and then include them in the appropriate rooms. For instance, natural colors like blue and green can look amazing in the bathroom, while deep colors in the bedroom could make it cosier for sleep. 

Don’t Forget About Texture

Texture stops your home from looking boring almost instantly. Incorporating lots of different materials is so important! Just look at a shiplap living room and you’ll see what this is all about. Even adding a feature wall can make a big difference. 

Find Pieces You Love – But Don’t Clutter Your Space 

You should always include pieces you truly love in your space, as they will make you happy. That being said, you need to avoid cluttering up your space. Too much visual clutter can even be a problem. Try to keep it tidy and only bring something in if necessary. 

Have Storage Ready 

Storage is a must in any home. If you don’t have the right storage, things will get cluttered. Stackable storage can work well in the garage, while vertical, on the wall storage can be good for displaying items you’re proud of without cluttering up your floor. 

See Art As Compulsory

Art is a must! Find an artist you love and invest in a piece, or even commission one. It can add a lot of personality to your home and give it something special. 

Avoid All Grey Interiors 

All grey is old news now. It can look clean in some cases, but a lot of the time, it’s just cold and boring. Avoid if you want a decor with personality! 


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