Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean

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Keeping your carpets clean can be a challenge, especially when you have a combination of lighter colors paired with a busy household that might make a bit of a mess every now and again. Here are some tips to keep your carpet clean so that they’re always looking like new.

Have A No Footwear Rule

You may have guests who treat their own home a little differently, but one manner that everyone should have when they visit other people’s homes is to take your shoes off. If people need reminding, then don’t be afraid to let them know. Your footwear can bring in a lot of dirt and debris that can end up sinking into the fibers of your carpet, and once they’re in there, it can always become more difficult to get rid of them. So make sure that everyone leaves their footwear at the door and that if you need to rush in to grab something from a carpeted room, don’t be lazy and run-in with shoes on. The more strict you are with your household’s shoes, the better.

Get Them Professionally Cleaned

Carpets don’t last forever but there are ways you can keep up with the cleaning of them. A professional carpet cleaning can come in handy to really give a deep wash of your carpets with the right materials and solutions. It’s a good idea to get it done every year and that way you don’t need to worry so much about dust collecting and getting deep set stains out. Make sure you hire a service to come out, rather than attempting to do it yourself. These companies will have the right solutions for your carpet and their hoovers will be much more industrial powered in comparison to your own cleaning appliances.

Keep A Stain Remover To Hand When Needed

There can sometimes be occasions where something is spilled, and you need to act quickly. It’s always good to find a spray or kit that can work on most fabrics. You should never leave a stain, and once it’s happened, it’s good to try and remove it as soon as possible. Always try and blot up any wet liquid with a dry cloth before you go attempting to dab it up with a damp one. Make sure the area is prepped and that you’ve read the relevant instructions needed when it comes to the product or solution you use.

Invest In A Powerful Hoover And Accessories

The home appliances you use in your house to clean it can be useful when it comes to cleaning your carpets. Invest in a powerful hoover that has the best suction and comes with all the add-on accessories that can attack those hard to reach areas. The more you can stay on top of it with your own appliances, the better.

Keep your carpets clean by staying on top of any messes or spills that are caused and get a professional clean every so often to bring up those tough stains.


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