Adding Character to Your Bedroom

Adding Character to Your Bedroom

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The bedroom should be the best room in your house. It’s the room that you sleep in, relax in, take a moment to breathe in. It’s the room you start and end your day (well, most of your days!) in, and you want this room to feel good. You don’t want to feel tense and unsettled in your bedroom, which means that you need to add character to make it feel like a comfortable and beautiful place to be. 

This is your sanctuary, and you should be able to come into this space and know that it is filled with character. So, how do you do that? Good news – we’ve got some suggestions for adding style and class to your bedroom. It needs a personality – let’s help you get there!

  • Start with the flooring. A hardwood floor doesn’t really work in most bedrooms; however, if you add a statement rug to the floor, you add texture and layers with ease. It can make your bedroom warmer, and it’s the perfect way to add character.
  • Wall paneling makes a big difference to plain bedroom walls. You can give the room a texturized look, but it also adds character to the place as it’s so different from every other room in the house.
  • The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so adding the right bedding is vital. You want throw pillows and throws, soft layers and sheets to match. None of this mismatched bedsheet game, please!
  • Less is often more, which is why you should be checking out the Zebra blinds price so that you can add something delicate to the windows rather than heavy curtains. You can dress the windows thoroughly and get it right every single time.
  • Choose a color for your bedroom, but make the color something that pops. So, opting for a bright canvas of white/cream/pale pastels and then pops of accompanying color would be the best option for you. Color is necessary for a room with character, and you can really make your personality shine with the right one.
  • It’s time to get comfortable in your bedroom, but you only have a bed! It would help if you now considered a cuddle chair or a giant beanbag on which to lounge. Always make sure that you color match where you can. So, if your furniture is dark wood, then choose a dark color for the chair. 
  • Your lighting is everything in your bedroom. You don’t want the same lighting that you have in the kitchen, but you do need bright enough lighting that you feel comfortable enough to see yourself in the mirror. So, it would help if you thought about what overhead lighting you want vs. the lamps in the corners of the room. If you are feeling really fancy, add in a dimmer switch or two to set the mood. 

Your bedroom character is going to help you to define your comfort. Choose things that make you feel as comfortable as possible, and you’ll never regret it!


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