6 Ways to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

6 Ways to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

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Curb appeal is all about making your house look impressive, desirable, and appealing from the outside. You might be looking to put your house on the market, or perhaps you simply want a more attractive house to come home too. Regardless of your reason for seeking an enhanced curb appeal, these six tips will have you well on your way.

1 . Update your pathway

To make the exterior of your home look stylish, an old and worn out pathway just won’t do. Dirty, faded, overgrown, or broken are all signs of a pathway that needs a good old revamp. This season, the trending pathway designs are ‘herringbone,’ a style that involves diagonally placed bricks. Another popular style is ‘diamond tile,’ as the name suggests, bricks are strategically placed to make large diamond shapes.

2 . A new mailbox

There’s nothing worse than an old and tired mailbox to bring down your curb appeal, invest in updating your mailbox for a modern look that complements your front door and the color schemes of your home. Once you’ve got yourself something quaint and shiny, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to upgrade!

3 . A professional clean

The exteriors of our houses can be challenging to clean; it’s also pretty tricky to successfully do the job yourself. Those who want a house with some serious sparkle should look into a pressure washing service. A low-pressure wash works by removing mold, algae, and dirt to give you a house that looks brand new again. It’s best to use a company that can provide a low-pressure wash, as opposed to high pressure. Depending on the material of your house, a high-pressure wash may result in damages.

4. Paint your front door

To give your house an instant lift, give your front door a brand new lick of paint. Ditch the neutral colors for this one and dare to go bold. Choose a bright color that stands out and turns heads. Often, a little boost of color is exactly what you need to give yourself some curb appeal. Again, it’s best to hire in the professionals to ensure a completely smooth finish.

5. Color coordination

When it comes to the exterior of your home, keep things color-coordinated, from your flowers to your door, ornaments, and mailboxes. Choose two colors max, to keep everything looking stylish and elegant. When the exterior of your home is color-coordinated, you’ll ensure that your house looks both charming and inviting. 

6. Modern house numbers

Are your house numbers a little shabby? Do they look dated as opposed to modern? If you would answer yes to either of these questions, it’s high time to give your house numbers an update. Choose a contemporary style that complements the aesthetics of the rest of your house. When you modernize your home, you’ll have created a desirable look for potential buyers.

Remember, investing time and money in your home helps you to add value in the long run, and see a higher return on your investment.


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