7 Ways to Safeguard Your New Home

7 Ways to Safeguard Your New Home

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Congratulations on buying your new home. Now that you have your own place, it is essential to secure it from external threats. The rate of burglaries has increased over the years, which has forced people to adopt security measures. Decorating your new home is more fun than implementing security measures, but don’t overlook it. Burglars strike when you least expect, so be prepared. Simple steps can make your home more secure and allow you to travel long distances without worries. Here are seven ways to safeguard your new home.

Have the Right Locks

Use secure locks that cannot be broken easily. Consult a locksmith to make good locks for your home. Additionally, avoid putting keys in obvious places. Some people have the habit of putting keys under the doormat in case a family member comes early. Avoid leaving your keys outside because intruders look in such places before they break locks. Instead, give your family a key to the house to secure your home.

Lock the Windows

Always ensure that you close the windows before you leave the house. If you are the kind of person who leaves windows open for fresh air to flow into the house, you are putting yourself at risk. Put window bars to prevent someone from getting in.

Secure the Garage

Don’t forget to protect the garage while securing other areas of the house. Even if the door that leads to the garage is closed, intruders can still find valuable things in the garage. Always close the garage door after use. Furthermore, don’t leave the garage opener in your car because a burglar can easily access it. Keep it in the house. If you decide to use a security code, keep it hidden and don’t use it in front of strangers, or delivery people.

Know your Neighbors

Crime rates are low in tightly knit communities because people look out for each other. Knowing your neighbor not only helps to forge friendship but also spot strangers. If you have a busy work schedule, a neighbor can keep an eye on your home. Often, burglars target homes where owners are away most of the time. If you live in isolation, your home can be broken into. Knowing a neighbor starts with casual greetings, which can develop into a close friendship.

Build a Fence

Consider building a wall to protect your home from invasion. It is a great way to keep unwanted visitors at bay. Use a barbed wire fence instead of solid fences to make your home more secure.

Light the Compound

Install security lights in your home to prevent burglars from entering your home. Intruders love darkness. Before you install a security lighting system, make sure that you recognize all the possible risks by surveying the home’s boundaries and consider the result of extra lighting in the adjacent areas.

Secure your Doors

Don’t give burglars easy access to your home by not securing your door correctly. Inspect your door to ensure that the exterior part is strong and unbreakable. Protect the hinge to prevent outsiders from opening your door.

Most break-ins occur during the day, not at night, as most people think. It is vital to have the correct tools to secure your home. Home security essentials include security cameras, intruder alarm, and doorbell alarm. Use the right devices to protect your property.



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