Backyard Security: Are Your External Spaces Properly Protected?

Backyard Security: Are Your External Spaces Properly Protected?

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A safe home is a happy home, and security is undoubtedly one of the most important factors. However, you must not restrict your commitment to the internal elements. Otherwise, you will limit your success.

So, while you should consider potential entry points, you must go the extra mile to stop entry to the garden itself. After all, it is an area that’s home to various assets. Besides, if they can get into the yard, that’s one less level of protection between you and the home. Here’s how to reduce the threat of intruders stepping into the garden.

Use Visible Security Features

Burglars aren’t stupid. They will scout out properties before trying to gain unauthorized access. Therefore, the presence of CCTV cameras and visible alarm systems can serve as a deterrent. And once they decide against trying to enter your land, the threats posed are reduced to zero. Instead, they will move onto another property.

Modern security cameras can be monitored remotely, giving you control and peace of mind. However, you must ensure that the cameras face every direction, including any side alleyways. Only a 360-degree coverage on a 24/7 basis will suffice.

Strategize Your Garden Layout

Visibility is a key feature as you attempt to regain control over the garden security. Professional landscaping enables you to achieve a better garden layout that uses varying heights. Aside from boosting visibility and security, this is an ideal solution for parents wanting to keep an eye on the kids. It sections off the backyard nicely too.

When the garden landscape also blocks off various paths towards the building. This makes it impossible for burglars to avoid cameras or your eyesight. Similar ideas can be used to enhance the front yard, but the backyard is your priority.

Invest In Better Storage & Security Locks

Some intruders will focus on garden products because the risks are far smaller than breaking into a house. Sadly, if your products are left on display, the yard becomes more attractive to them. Using sheds, storage boxes, and other facilities to keep assets locked away at night is vital. Advanced security locks should be utilized to provide an additional barrier.

Motion-detecting lights should provide enough protection for patio furniture. However, bicycles and other items that may be stored in the garden should be safely chained up. Or, if you have a garage or basement, it might be best to use these spaces instead.

Communicate With Neighbors

Only you can take accountability for your home security, and this includes the garden. Nonetheless, setting up a neighborhood watch scheme, officially or unofficially, can work wonders. There is strength in numbers and your united front can stop burglars from even attempting to target your street. And if they don’t enter the street, they cannot enter your home.

It’s important to remember that you cannot trust all of your neighbors 100%. So, it’s important to remain vigilant too. Still, if the neighbors can be used to gain mutual benefits and leverage greater protection, you should embrace it.


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