Designing Your Bedroom For Better Sleep – Try These 5 Things

Designing Your Bedroom For Better Sleep – Try These 5 Things

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The American Sleep Association estimates that around one third of adults suffer short-term insomnia. That should come as no surprise, as most of us are well-aware of the importance of sleep and that we’re not getting enough of it. While changing certain lifestyle habits can go a long way in helping you get more shuteye, your bedroom also plays a role.

In fact, there are numerous elements in and around the space that can either contribute to or destroy your ability to get quality slumber. If you’re interested in changing up the design of your bedroom for better sleep, there are some quick and easy fixes, as well as some worthwhile investments. To help you get started, try these 5 things.

Leveraging Light

A bedroom should be bright, cheerful and filled with sunlight during the day. At night, however, you want there to be as little light leaking in as possible. Using room-darkening blinds or drapes can help with the latter.

It’s especially important to ensure that no electronic light is keeping you up, be it from televisions, smartphones or alarm clocks. Using a gentle blue LED strip light in the evening while you’re reading or preparing for bed is a good idea. Dimmer switches can help you with this.

Decor Detailing

There are many ways to make your bedroom feel more comfortable and welcoming. The best and cheapest way is to start by decluttering. Cleaning up and organizing your bedroom will reduce your anxiety, making it easier to fall asleep at night. Adding a few natural plants into the space is also a great idea.

Buying Bedding

Given that you spend a good portion of your time in bed, it makes sense to invest in the best. This will ensure that you’re not only getting quality sleep, but also support your posture, ensuring a healthy neck and back. As noted here on Zomasleep, certain mattresses are better suited for dealing with conditions such as back pain.

A good mattress is also breathable and free of allergens. If yours has been around for more than a handful of years, it might be time for a replacement. Be sure to also invest in a quality pillow and some high-thread-count sheets. Silk pillowcases are a great option for your skin and hair health.

Soothing Sounds

Whether it’s a barking dog or a snoring spouse, there’s probably some kind of noise keeping you awake. Fortunately, you have a few solutions. Start by silencing or turning off any electronics. One electronic you can keep on at night is a white noise machine, which plays your choice of soothing sounds to drown out any less desirable ones.

An alternative is to use a fan or air purifier, which can also help with circulation and regulating temperature. If these don’t work, then earplugs are always an option.

Keeping Calm

Another key component of a healthy sleep environment is the temperature. You’ll want it to be around 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Either way, it’s better to have your bedroom on the cooler side. This can be done by reducing the amount of bedding you use and installing an eco-friendly fan, which we now know can double as a white noise machine.

Don’t forget about color. Soft, calming hues are the way to go. This includes neutral tones, such as gray, white and beige, as well as light pastels. If you have a smaller room, then lighter colors are recommended for making it feel less claustrophobic, while darker colors can help larger bedrooms feel more intimate.

Taking the above steps can go a long way in helping you turn your bedroom into the ultimate sanctuary for slumber. Don’t forget to eat healthy and exercise, as a balanced lifestyle is key to better sleep.


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