Top 5 Design Trends in Texas Homes

Top 5 Design Trends in Texas Homes

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Redesigning your home isn’t easy, but it is extremely rewarding. It takes time, planning, preparation, and money, but the results can make you feel proud, more at home and when done right, you might be able to make that money back. If you are planning to upgrade the interior of your home in Texas, before taking that step, you may want to start with understanding the latest trends. Having an upgrade can do wonders for the image of your property and can significantly increase its value. To save you money, you should take a look at how you can incorporate the current elements in your home into a more modern upgrade. To help get you started, here are the top five design trends in Texas homes.

Favor Clean Minimalism

An overstuffed mentality has been a traditional Texas home design for a number of years. Homes filled with horns, hides, and other natural elements weren’t uncommon. However, this cluttered stereotype is becoming a thing of the past. If you are planning to create a space that is functional, inviting, and looks modern, then you should favor clean minimalism. Clearing the clutter is key to minimalism, but make sure you keep the bits that mean a lot to you in order to make your house feel like home.

Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless glass doors are highly effective at bringing the outdoors inside. This is important in Texas homes because Texans have a close relationship with the outdoor world. The window wall allows you to turn your ordinary spaces into indoor/outdoor entertaining areas. Installing frameless glass doors look clean and impressive and will provide a better view of your outdoor space. They also bring a lot of light into your home, which is something that a lot of modern homeowners want to achieve.

A Country Twist

A traditional country, rustic or ranch style has always been popular in Texas, but it can have an unfortunate dark and masculine side effect that can feel confining. However, you should not scrap this traditional style altogether. Instead, you should brighten the mood by adding a modern twist to your country style. This can include scrapping the tanned leather and mahogany and replacing it with warm neutrals and white walls. This will soften the rough, country aesthetic while maintaining it.

Use Natural Elements

Natural elements like wood, rattan furniture, leather and different hallmarks that symbolize life on a ranch or farm will always be appreciated in Texas homes. However, certain aspects of these natural elements should be controlled. When it comes to award-winning interior design, people favor simplicity, but you don’t have to turn your home into a barren monastery in order to achieve this. You just need to control the number of accessories placed around the home.

Add Large Features

It is no secret that everything is bigger in Texas and this should apply to your home. Large features can apply to the windows, doors, furniture, and the rooms themselves. Having large features will make your home feel more spacious and grander, but you need to make sure it doesn’t look overcrowded. For example, if your bedroom is too small for a king-size bed, then you should consider a queen size instead of a standard double. It is easy to find a queen size mattress in Austin, so you don’t have to worry about hunting high and low for a bed frame replacement.

To summarize, a clean, bright, modern home with a country twist is the trend you should go for when upgrading your Texas Home. Cheaper isn’t always better when redesigning your home. The key to a good deal is to find quality service for a good price. It will definitely make a difference to the end result.


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